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"If I were Obama, I would give Hill to Utah. Let the state keep it open."

— cobra_monkey_4395

commenting on the Dec. 1 Tribune editorial, "Saving Hill AFB: Facility must prove its value"

"Died waiting for a heart transplant? Why is this the first we've heard about this? I woulda given him mine. RIP coach. You are missed for a long time."

— elijah2

commenting on the Dec. 4 Tribune editorial. "Coach Majerus: An appetite for basketball"

"It is the gladiator culture combined with the adulation, cash flow and approval of brutality in pro football culture which enabled this crime. The gun was merely the means to an end."

— wesleyangun

commenting on the Nov. 5 Rich Lowry column, "The real threat to football players," which argued that the violence and brain injuries involved in football, not guns, were to blame for a murder-suicide involving an NFL player.

"The message to the world is, 'Utah = crazy people!' "

— mach_schnell

commenting on the Dec. 6 Gail Collins column, "Mike Lee and the 'march toward socialism'"

"How about we don't get started on the Olympics. At the rate global warming is going, what makes you think we'll even have snow or enough water to host the Olympics?"

— FormerAF

commenting on the Nov. 6 Tribune editorial, "Olympics 2026: Time to get started"

"So it's a website based on "love and acceptance" and people denying who they are by living fake lives in order to remain "loved and accepted" by their family and church. Hmmmm."

— poster47

commenting on the Dec. 6 article, "New Mormon church website touts softer tone on gays"

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