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"If some moron doesn't like the fact you're not wearing a skirt, please realize that any organization with 13 million members has hundreds of thousands of morons in it, and do your self a favor and just ignore them."

— cougsfan1

commenting on the Dec. 13 article, "Mormon 'Pants Day' — debate heats up as women prepare to dress down"

"All I can say is that I am fine with everyone having health care coverage, but I shouldn't have to pay for yours and you shouldn't have to pay for mine."

— rit

commenting on the Dec. 13 Tribune editorial, "Obamacare in Utah: State should end its resistance"

"Unions, a good and necessary idea that has served its purpose only to end up as a grand money laundering scheme."

— LiberatedJim

commenting on the Dec. 13 Rich Lowrey column, "Labor unions losing the Battle of Lansing"

"Why are conservatives so anti-union? Unions ensure that members have a liveable wage, and benefits for employees to stay off of the government dole."

— captnandroid

commenting on the same article

"I would suspect that Utah families (having more kids than you can support, educate & nurture) have a huge impact on graduation rates. I'd like to see numbers on the graduation rates of kids with their corresponding number of siblings."

— SkierJim7

commenting on the Dec. 12 Tribune editorial, "Begin at beginning: Boosting graduation rate"

"I would include ditching the Trib in order to really get away from it all."

— MrLevski

commenting on the Dec. 13 article, "Study: Turn off iPhone, take a hike – your creativity will soar"

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