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"Now the same people who attack our teachers for trying to make a living salary want them to also act as SWAT teams."

— hankt27

commenting on the Dec. 19 op-ed from Curt Oda and Mitch Vilos, "A simple solution to school shootings," which advocated arming teachers as a way of defending schools from mass shootings.

"How much lawn acreage (and water needed to keep it green) will be added by the Salt Lake County park bond? How about we get the government to reform it's non-essential water consumption before we start picking on hapless homeowners?"

— SLCynic

commenting on the Dec. 17 Tribune editorial, "The Colorado River: Water will become more valuable," which argued for increased water-conservation measures throughout the Colorado River Basin.

"It's all about privatizing profit and socializing the cost, so typical of those with the gold."

— scubabrew

commenting on the Dec. 19 Tribune editorial, "Utah State Prison: Be skeptical of relocation scheme"

"Banning assault rifles like the AR15 isn't a 'knee jerk' reaction. It's the low-hanging fruit. How about we start with the easy changes and then address the difficult ones like mental health, weapons that are already proliferated and changing the core ideals of a society fixated on violence."

— slippast

commenting on the Dec. 19 article, "Utah mayors divided on asault weapons ban"

"You think Utah's righteous lawmakers are going to vote for a measure that actually gives us a venue that may hold them accountable? That should be a "Dream Headline."

— SkierJim7

commenting on the Dec. 20 Tribune editorial, "Reversing elections: Utah should debate recall law"

"As a culture decays, artists have a responsibility to portray this decay. Too bad they do it so irresponsibly."

— Digital Bath

commenting on the Dec. 19 Sean P. Means column, "Changing America's gun culture may require a media shift"

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