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News that a middle school teacher died in November after being hit by a truck while jogging on his way to work deeply affected students at Bingham High in South Jordan.

For many students, Randy Treglown was a beloved teacher at Elk Ridge Middle School who had taught their physical education class before they graduated on to high school. But the death of Treglown, 51, was especially palpable for another reason: Treglown's son, Jordan, is a junior at Bingham High.

To honor the Treglown family, students at Bingham made the family part of the school's fundraising efforts during the holiday season.

Through hosting events like "pudding wrestling" — in which two of the school's top athletes wrestled in a swimming pool of pudding in exchange for student donations — as well as a series of charity concerts, community drives and even dodgeball tournaments — Bingham students on Friday learned they'd exceeded their expectations in raising money to help those in need.

Overall, students raised more than $82,000 during their holiday charity drive from Nov. 26 through Friday, said Steve Dunham, a spokesman for the Jordan School District. The effort broke the school's previous record of $75,000 raised for charity.

Among those who'll be receiving help is the Treglown family, who've been reeling in the aftermath of the accident that killed their father and husband.

Treglown died Nov. 28 after he ran into the crosswalk at the intersection 4000 West and 9800 South while exercising around 6:40 a.m. that day. A pickup was southbound on 4000 West when its right fender struck Treglown as he jogged east on 9800 South.

Police said the 32-year-old driver of the pickup admitted to police that he ran a red light and didn't see Treglown in the crosswalk. The driver pulled over to render first-aid, but Treglown died from his injuries.

Quinn Pitcher, student body president at Bingham, said the school has mourned for the Treglown family. About half the students attending Bingham also attended Elk Ridge Middle School where Treglown taught and coached basketball. Students have supported and admired the strength of their classmate, Jordan, in weathering grief, Pitcher said.

Some of the donations gathered went to help pay for Treglown's funeral and to purchase Christmas gifts for the Treglown family, Pitcher said.

"It was the least we could do. He's the nicest kid," said Pitcher of Jordan Treglown, who is a member of Bingham's tennis team.

Jordan Treglown spoke at an assembly held at the school on Friday to express thanks for the help his family received.

"He was very humbled. He's the strongest kid I know," said Pitcher.

The generosity of Bingham students will go toward helping other causes as well. Money earned came from students and solicitations from the community, Pitcher said, as well as from Sub-for-Santa events held at the school and organized by student body vice president for finance Nate Kelley.

A senior at the school who has cystic fibrosis, Alex Waller, will be able to take a trip to visit the movie set of "Thor 2" as part of a wish granted through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Fifteen children in the care of Starlight Foster Care also received gifts from the school and a trip to see Temple Square with Bingham students. And the student body made a sizeable donation to Christmas Box House, a local charity that aids kids who've come from difficult circumstances.

Pitcher said Friday's celebration to kick-off the holiday break was a great time to reflect on the contributions Bingham has made to the community.

"It was definitely an amazing feeling to see what [my classmates' reactions] to our total was. It was definitely meaningful," Pitcher said.

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