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As a retired elementary school principal, I am appalled and heartsick about the attitudes of the likes of the National Rifle Association and Rep. Curt Oda, R-Clearfield: Arm teachers and problem solved!

When I ran for public office a few years ago, some colleagues recommended that I take a concealed weapons course to see what all the gun hype was about. I did.

After completing the course, I was issued the paperwork for a concealed-carry permit. I had met all requirements. Not once did I load, shoot, clean or gain any real understanding of how to use a gun.

At one class, the teacher passed around a few unloaded guns. That was the only contact with any gun during the course.

Qualified to have a concealed weapon? Capable of protecting anyone? No!

Lax concealed-gun permit requirements are yet another example that our current gun culture and worship of guns do not work.

The national discussion has begun. We all need to listen carefully, think critically and begin changing to save lives.

Cora Lee Jckowski

West Jordan,

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