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"If my child's teacher is carrying as a parent I have the right to know."

— Nungwa

commenting on the Dec. 27 article, "More than 150 Utah teachers, school workers go to gun class"

"I do not expect Mr. Huntsman would have any more success talking sense to a conservative tax policy zealot than Speaker Boehner has had."

— SuperEllipsoid

commenting on the Dec. 26 Norman Ornstein column, "Huntsman for speaker?"

"55,000 dead Americans, a nation traumatized and the result is the same as if we were never there. No Cal, our soldiers didn't die in vain, they were killed in vain."

— Michael J Bodell

commenting on the Dec. 26 Cal Thomas column, "Vietnam, 50 years later"

"America. #1 in the world for prisoners."

— Stink-(R)

commenting on the Dec. 26 Tribune editorial, "Youths in jail: Lack of education hurts us all"

"Faith doesn't work for anything and certainly not for stocks."

— UtahTwisted

commenting on the Dec. 27 article, "Ordinary Americans are losing faith in stocks"

"Well, the Mormon politicians won't get the message cause they don't drink coffee. Damn."

— exmo88

commenting on the Dec. 27 Jonathan Bernstein column, "Coffee-cup politics," about political messages being written on cups by Starbucks employees

"Well, then, they should write it on vodka bottles. Right, Sen Crapo?"

— max_cady

commenting on the above comment

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