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Sundance celebrities: 97 you should look for

Published January 14, 2013 1:55 pm
This is an archived article that was published on sltrib.com in 2013, and information in the article may be outdated. It is provided only for personal research purposes and may not be reprinted.

Celebrity • Why he/she is at Sundance • I know him/her from … • Twitter handle

Hiam Abbass • Co-stars in "May in the Summer" (U.S. Dramatic) • "Incendies," "The Visitor"

Joey Lauren Adams • Stars in "Blue Caprice" (Next) • "Chasing Amy"

Jean-Marc Barr • Stars in "Big Sur" (Premieres) • "The Big Blue," "Dogville"

Kristen Bell • Stars in "The Lifeguard" (U.S. Dramatic) • "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," "Hit & Run" • @IMKristenBell

Lake Bell • Director/star, "In a World …" (U.S. Dramatic) • "Childrens Hospital" • @lakebell

Gael García Bernal • Stars in "Who Is Dayani Cristal?" (World Documentary), "No" (Spotlight) • "The Loneliest Planet," "Amores Perros" • @GaelGarciaB

Terence Blanchard • "Power of Story" panel • Jazz musician and composer • @T_Blanchard

Kate Bosworth • Co-stars in "Big Sur" (Premieres) • "Blue Crush," "Superman Returns"

Alison Brie • Co-stars in "Toy's House" (U.S. Dramatic) • "Community," "Save the Date" • @alisonbrie

Steve Carell • Stars in "The Way Way Back" (Premieres) • "Crazy, Stupid, Love," "Little Miss Sunshine" • @SteveCarell

Toni Collette • Stars in "The Way Way Back" (Premieres) • "Hitchcock," "Little Miss Sunshine"

Steve Coogan • Stars in "The Look of Love" (Premieres) • "The Trip," "Tristram Shandy"

Rob Corddry • Stars in "Hell Baby" (Park City at Midnight), "The Way Way Back" (Premieres), "In a World …" (U.S. Dramatic) • "The Daily Show," "Childrens Hospital" • @robcorddry

Julie Delpy • Stars in "Before Midnight" (Premieres) • "2 Days in New York"

Rosemarie DeWitt • Stars in "Touchy Feely" (U.S. Dramatic) • "Promised Land," "The Watch," "Your Sister's Sister"

Anthony Edwards • Co-stars in "Big Sur" (Premieres) • "ER," "Top Gun" • @anthonyedwards

Ben Foster • Stars in "Kill Your Darlings" (U.S. Dramatic) • "3:10 to Yuma," "The Messenger"

James Franco • Co-stars in "Lovelace" (Premieres), producer on "kink" (Park City at Midnight), stars/co-directs "Interior. Leather Bar." (New Frontier) • Starred in "127 Hours," "Pineapple Express" • @JamesFrancoTV

Robert Ben Garant • Co-directed "Hell Baby" (Park City at Midnight) • "Reno 911!"

Matthew Goode • Stars in "Stoker" (Premieres) • "Watchmen," "Leap Year," "A Single Man"

Joseph Gordon-Levitt • Directed/stars in "Don Jon's Addiction" (Premieres), emcee of Awards Ceremony • "The Dark Knight Rises," "Looper" • @hitRECordJoe

Jonathan Groff • Stars in "C.O.G." (U.S. Dramatic) • "Glee," "Taking Woodstock," "The Conspirator"

Dave Grohl • Directed "Sound City" (Documentary Premieres) • Frontman of Foo Fighters, formerly of Nirvana

Mamie Gummer • Co-stars in "The Lifeguard" (U.S. Dramatic) • "Emily Owens, M.D.," "Stop-Loss"

Danai Gurira • Star of "Mother of George" (U.S. Dramatic) • Stars in "The Walking Dead"

Kathryn Hahn • Stars in "Afternoon Delight" (U.S. Dramatic) • "Our Idiot Brother," "Revolutionary Road"

Michael C. Hall • Stars in "Kill Your Darlings" (U.S. Dramatic) • "Dexter," "Six Feet Under"

Ed Harris • Stars in "Sweetwater" (Premieres) • "The Right Stuff," "Game Change"

Rutger Hauer • Stars in "The Future (Il Futuro)" (World Dramatic) • "Blade Runner," "Soldier of Orange," "Batman Begins"

Ethan Hawke • Stars in "Before Midnight" (Premieres) • "Sinister," "Training Day"

Mariel Hemingway • Featured in "Running From Crazy" (Documentary Premieres) • "Lipstick," "Superman IV" • @MarielHemingway

Anita Hill • Profiled in "Anita" (Documentary Premieres) • Lawyer, figure in Clarence Thomas' confirmation hearings

Emile Hirsch • Stars in "Prince Avalanche" (Premieres) • "Into the Wild," "Speed Racer," Milk"

Jennifer Hudson • Stars in "The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete" (Premieres) • "Dreamgirls," "American Idol" • @IAMJHUD

Holly Hunter • Stars in "Top of the Lake" (Premieres) • "Raising Arizona," "The Piano"

Jason Isaacs • Co-stars in "Sweetwater" (Premieres) • "Harry Potter" films, "Black Hawk Down"

Allison Janney • Co-stars in "The Way Way Back" (Premieres) and "Touchy Feely" (U.S. Dramatic) • "The West Wing," "The Help"

Felicity Jones • Stars in "Breathe In" (Premieres) • "Like Crazy," "Hysteria"

January Jones • Stars in "Sweetwater" (Premieres) • "Mad Men," "X-Men: First Class"

Sebastian Junger • Directed "Which Way Is the Front Line From Here?" (Documentary Premieres) • Journalist, wrote "The Perfect Storm"

Alicia Keys • Executive producer on "The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete" (Premieres) • Grammy-winning singer/pianist • @aliciakeys

Nicole Kidman • Stars in "Stoker" (Premieres) • "The Paperboy," "The Words," "Moulin Rouge"

Shia LaBeouf • Stars in "The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman" (Premieres) • "Transformers" films, "Lawless"

Thomas Lennon • Co-directed "Hell Baby" (Park City at Midnight) • "Reno 911!," "What to Expect When You're Expecting" • @thomaslennon

Ron Livingston • Stars in "Touchy Feely" (U.S. Dramatic) • "Office Space"

Jane Lynch • Co-stars in "Afternoon Delight" (U.S. Dramatic) • "Glee," "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," "Wreck-It Ralph" • @janemarielynch

Brit Marling • Co-wrote and stars in "The East" (Premieres) • "Another Earth," "Arbitrage" • @britmarling

Demetri Martin • Co-stars in "In a World …" (U.S. Dramatic) • stand-up comedy, "Taking Woodstock" • @DemetriMartin

Stephenie Meyer • Executive producer on "Austenland" (U.S. Dramatic) • writer of Twilight series and The Host

Radha Mitchell • Co-stars in "Big Sur" (Premieres) • "Pitch Black," "Silent Hill"

Alfred Molina • Co-stars in "Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes" (U.S. Dramatic) • "Chocolat," "Spider-Man 2"

Julianne Moore • Stars in "Don Jon's Addiction" (Premieres) • "Game Change," "Crazy, Stupid, Love" • @_juliannemoore

Megan Mullally • Co-stars in "Toy's House" (U.S. Dramatic) • "Will & Grace," "Smashed"

Peter Mullan • Co-stars in "Top of the Lake" (Premieres) • "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," "War Horse"

Dermot Mulroney • Stars in "The Rambler" (Park City at Midnight), "Stoker" (Premieres), "jOBS" (Premieres) • "My Best Friend's Wedding," "Big Miracle" •

Tim Blake Nelson • Stars in "Blue Caprice" (Next) • "O Brother Where Art Thou?," "Lincoln"

Tig Notaro • Co-stars in "In a World …" (U.S. Dramatic) • "This American Life," stand-up comedy

Nick Offerman • Co-stars in "Toy's House" (U.S. Dramatic) • "Parks & Recreation," "Smashed" • @Nick_Offerman

Julia Ormond • Co-stars in "The East" (Premieres) • "Legends of the Fall," "Temple Grandin"

Ellen Page • Co-stars in "Touchy Feely" (U.S. Dramatic), "The East" (Premieres) • "Juno," "From Rome With Love" • @EllenPage

Michael Parks • Stars in "We Are What We Are" (Park City at Midnight) • "Kill Bill," "Grindhouse"

Guy Pearce • Stars in "Breathe In" (Premieres) • "Prometheus," "L.A. Confidential," "Memento"

Amy Poehler • Stars in "A.C.O.D" (Premieres) • "Parks & Recreation," former "Saturday Night Live" cast member

Sarah Polley • Directed "Stories We Tell" (Spotlight) • directed "Take This Waltz," starred in "Dawn of the Dead," "The Sweet Hereafter" • @SarahEPolley

Bill Pullman • Co-stars in "May in the Summer" (U.S. Dramatic) • "Independence Day," "1600 Penn"

Daniel Radcliffe • Stars in "Kill Your Darlings" (U.S. Dramatic) • "Harry Potter" series

Josh Radnor • Co-stars in "Afternoon Delight" (U.S. Dramatic) • "Liberal Arts," "How I Met Your Mother" • @JoshRadnor

Robert B. Reich • Profiled in "Inequality for All" (U.S. Documentary) • U.S. Secretary of Labor (Clinton administration) • @RBReich

Sam Rockwell • Co-stars in "The Way Way Back" (Premieres) • "Seven Psychopaths," "Moon"

Paul Rudd • Stars in "Prince Avalanche" (Premieres) • "This Is 40," "Role Models"

Maya Rudolph • Co-stars in "The Way Way Back" (Premieres) • "Up All Night," "Bridesmaids"

Amy Ryan • Stars in "Breathe In" (Premieres) • "Win Win," "Gone Baby Gone," "The Office"

Alexander Skarsgard • Stars in "The East" (Premieres) • "Battleship," "True Blood"

Jeremy Scahill • Profiled in "Dirty Wars" (U.S. Documentary) • Investigative reporter • @jeremyscahill

Kaya Scodelario • Stars in "Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes" (U.S. Dramatic) • Starred in "Wuthering Heights" remake • @kScodders

David Sedaris • Wrote essay that inspired "C.O.G." (U.S. Dramatic) • humorist and author (of Me Talk Pretty One Day and other books), "This American Life"

Amanda Seyfried • Stars in "Lovelace" (Premieres) • "Les Misérables," "Mamma Mia!"

Alex Shaffer • Co-stars in "The Lifeguard" (U.S. Dramatic) • "Win Win"

Alia Shawkat • Co-stars in "May in the Summer" (U.S. Dramatic) • "Arrested Development," "Whip It"

Jordin Sparks • Stars in "The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete" (Premieres) • "Sparkle," "American Idol" • @JordinSparks

Octavia Spencer • Co-stars in "Fruitvale" (U.S. Dramatic) • "The Help," "Smashed" • @octaviaspencer

Morgan Spurlock • Directed "You Don't Know Jack" (Short film) • "Super Size Me," CNN's "Inside Man" • @MorganSpurlock

Martin Starr • Co-stars in "The Lifeguard" (U.S. Dramatic) • "Knocked Up," "Superbad" • @MartinStarr

Sharon Stone • Co-stars in "Lovelace" (Premieres) • "Fatal Attraction," "Casino"

Juno Temple • Stars in "Afternoon Delight" (U.S. Dramatic), "Lovelace" (Premieres), "Magic Magic" (Spotlight) • "Killer Joe," "Little Birds" • @JunoViolet

Henry Thomas • Co-stars in "Big Sur" (Premieres) • "E.T.," "Legends of the Fall"

Isaiah Washington • Stars in "Blue Caprice" (Next) • "Gray's Anatomy" • @IWashington

Mia Wasikowska • Stars in "Stoker" (Premieres) • "Alice in Wonderland," "The Kids Are All Right"

Naomi Watts • Stars in "Two Mothers" (Premieres) • "The Impossible," "Mulholland Drive"

Robin Weigert • Stars in "Concussion" (U.S. Dramatic) • Co-starred in "Deadwood," "The Sessions"

David Wenham • Co-stars in "Top of the Lake" (Premieres) • "The Lord of the Rings," "300"

Forest Whitaker • Producer on "Fruitvale" (U.S. Dramatic) • Starred in "The Last King of Scotland," "The Crying Game" • @ForestWhitaker

Mike White • "Power of Story" panel • Writer/director/actor ("Chuck & Buck," "Enlightened"), former "Amazing Race" contestant • @mikewhiteMW

Casey Wilson • Co-writer/co-star, "Ass Backwards" (Park City at Midnight) • "Happy Endings," former "Saturday Night Live" cast member • @caseyrosewilson

Mary Elizabeth Winstead • Co-stars in "The Spectacular Now" (U.S. Dramatic) • "The Thing," "Smashed," "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" • @M_E_Winstead

Evan Rachel Wood • Stars in "The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman" (Premieres) • "The Wrestler," "The Ides of March" • @evanrachelwood

Shailene Woodley • Stars in "The Spectacular Now" (U.S. Dramatic) • "The Descendants," "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" • @shailenewoodley ­—

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