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"Where's Django when we need him?"

— FUtah2011

commenting on the Dec. 9 article, "Survey says, keep 'Dixie' " about poll results that support keeping the word "Dixie" in the name of St. George's Dixie State College as it shifts to university status

"As an energy consumer, I don't care where my energy comes from. All I care about is that it's there when I need it and that I can afford it. Nothing ideological about that — just plain common sense."

— SLCynic

commenting on the Jan. 9 Christopher Thomas column, "Utah falls far behind in renewables"

"Utah. Keeping Arkansas & Mississippi from being the nation's #1 laughingstock."

— SkierJim7

commenting on the Jan. 5 State of the Debate blog post, "The show must go on ..." about the reported cancelation, and edited reinstatement, of the Harriman High School production of "All Shook Up"

"It's my sad conclusion that mankind won't pay attention to Mother Nature until she slaps him hard in the face, as well as a swift kick in the nuts for good measure."

— No_lds

— commenting on the Dec. 7 Tribune editorial, "Climate crisis: Obama must act boldly on global pact"

"So a capital investment company is going to buy it and then destroy it per the Bain model? Then the Utah taxpayers get stuck trying to maintain the waste dump?"

— A_frightened_American

commenting on the Dec. 7 article, "EnergySolutions to be acquired in $1.1 billion deal"

"How can a business that has to safely store materials for millennia be a for-profit business?"


commenting on the Jan. 9 Tribune editorial, "EnergySolutions: New owners need oversight"

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