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Restoration of a caller to a previous place in an on-hold queue, patent No. 8,351,595, invented by David Owen Peterson of Lehi, Tim Harris of Lehi, Brian Douglas Minert of Orem, Bryan Craig Pino of Riverton, Nicholas Bauer Ramond of Draper, and Mark Erik Rasi-Koskinen of Riverton, assigned to Incontact Inc. of Midvale.

Methods of bleaching teeth using adhesive dental bleaching compositions containing polyvinylpyrrolidone, patent No. 8,349,298, invented by Tianming Chen of Anshan, China, assigned to Ultradent Products Inc. of South Jordan.

Mattress protector, patent No. 8,347,430, invented by Sam Malouf, Kacie Malouf, and Nat Holfeltz, all of Millville.

Pivoting mount for a knife drive, patent No. 8,347,594, invented by Benjamin M. Lovett of Colona, Ill., Benjamin J. Schlesser of Bettendorf, Iowa, Bruce A. Coers of Hillsdale, Ill., and Austin William Hughes of Kaysville, assigned to Deere & Co. of Moline, Ill.

Self-balancing locking mechanism for doors, patent No. 8,347,665, invented by Terry D. Rasmussen of Payson, and Richard C. O'Neal of Payson, assigned to Liberty Safe and Security Products Inc. of Payson.

Table, patent No. 8,347,795, invented by Wendell Peery of Kaysville, David C. Winter of Layton, and Mitch Johnson of South Weber, assigned to Lifetime Products Inc. of Clearfield.

Wind turbine fluid application apparatus, patent No. 8,347,899, invented by Dustin Jensen of Draper, Broque L. Fraughton of Evanston, Wyo., and Sonny K. Fraughton of Evanston, Wyo.

Wind turbine fluid application apparatus, patent No. 8,347,900, invented by Dustin Jensen of Draper, Broque L. Fraughton of Evanston, Wyo., and Sonny K. Fraughton of Evanston, Wyo.

Method and system for increasing production of a reservoir, patent No. 8,347,959, invented by Roberto Suarez-Rivera of Salt Lake City, Sidney Green of Salt Lake City, Chaitanya Deenadayalu of Salt Lake City, David Handwerger of Salt Lake City, and Yi-Kun Yang of Salt Lake City, assigned to TerraTek Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Variable force/variable frequency sonic drill head, patent No. 8,347,984, invented by Trevor Lyndon Light of Sandy, assigned to Longyear Inc. of South Jordan.

Apparatus and method for installing ground anchoring systems, patent No. 8,347,987, invented by Ben L. Seegmiller of Salt Lake City.

Slewing ring drive, patent No. 8,348,002, invented by Stanley Checketts of Providence, Mike Winger of Smithfield, Ryan Burleson of Bountiful, and Merin Swasey of North Logan, assigned to Boomerang Systems Inc. of Morristown, N.J.

Tie system for forming poured concrete walls over concrete footings, patent No. 8,348,224, invented by Greg McDonagh of Providence, assigned to Paladin Industrial LLC of Millville.

Multiple direct lock positions for touring ski mounting plate, patent No. 8,348,299, invented by Lane Ekberg of Salt Lake City.

Drawer assembly locking mechanism, patent No. 8,348,357, invented by Matthew Briggs of Kaysville.

Lighted moving ball display system, patent No. 8,348,466, invented by Lloyd Plumb and Lola Plumb, both of Woods Cross.

Sport landing cushion and container, patent No. 8,348,777, invented by Gary P. Ream of Centre Hall, Pa., and Frank L. Bare of Salt Lake City, assigned to Powdr-Woodward PA LLC of Park City.

Height adjustment mechanism for a basketball system, patent No. 8,348,788, invented by S. Curtis Nye of Clinton, and Brent Steed of Syracuse, assigned to Lifetime Products Inc. of Clearfield.

System and method for managing a patient, patent No. 8,348,847, invented by Daniel Vezina of Park City, assigned to Guardsman Scientific Inc. of Park City.

Radicular spectral attenuation coefficient for use in endodontic foraminal locator, patent No. 8,348,863, invented by Humberto Remigio Gamba of Curitiba, Brazil, Ronaldo Piazzalunga of Londrina, Brazil, Joaquim Miguel Maia of Curitiba, Brazil, Carlos Alberto Spironelli Ramos of Londrina, Brazil, Alexandre Salcedo Ratzke of Curitiba, Brazil, and Marcos Vinicius Haas Rambo of Curitiba, Brazil, assigned to Ultradent Products Inc. of South Jordan.

Systems and methods for providing an antiseptic applicator, patent No. 8,348,913, invented by Minh Quang Hoang of Sandy, Jonathan Karl Burkholz of Salt Lake City, and Weston F. Harding of Lehi, assigned to Becton, Dickinson and Co. of Franklin Lakes, N.J.

Fluid delivery device with a diffusion membrane and electrochemical pump, patent No. 8,348,930, invented by John Howard Gordon of Salt Lake City, and Ashok V. Joshi of Salt Lake City, assigned to Microlin LLC of Salt Lake City.

Minimal access occipital plate, patent No. 8,348,981, invented by Naveed Cheema of Breinigsville, Pa., Ron Apfelbaum of Salt Lake City, Fred Geisler of Aurora, Ill., and Larry Khoo of Studio City, Calif., assigned to Aesculap Implany Systems LLC of Center Valley, Pa.

Expanding ligament graft fixation system, patent No. 8,349,010, invented by Daniel F. Justin of Logan, Richard F. Wenstrom, Jr. of Norwood, Mass., and Andrew S. Levy of Summit, N.J., assigned to DePuy Mitek Inc. of Raynham, Mass.

Intervertebral implant with integrated fixation, patent No. 8,349,015, invented by Hyun W. Bae of Santa Monica, Calif., Nicholas Slater of Chandler, Ariz., Joshua A. Butters of Chandler, Ariz., Daniel F. Justin of Logan, Dylan M. Hushka of Chandler, Ariz., and Rick Delamarter of Los Angeles, Calif., assigned to Howmedica Osteonics Corp. of Mahwah, N.J.

Method for making composite abrasive compacts, patent No. 8,349,040, invented by Federico Bellin of Orem, assigned to Smith International Inc. of Houston, Texas.

Treatment of fly ash for use in concrete, patent No. 8,349,071, invented by Chett Boxley of Park City, Akash Akash of Salt Lake City, and Qiang Zhao of Natick, Mass., assigned to Ceramatec Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Method for joining ceramic components, patent No. 8,349,111, invented by Akash Akash of Salt lake City, and Balakrishnan G. Nair of Sandy, assigned to Ceramatec Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Methods of recovering hydrocarbons from hydrocarbonaceous material using a constructed infrastructure and associated systems maintained under positive pressure, patent No. 8,349,171, invented by Todd Dana of Park City, and James W. Patten of Sandy, assigned to Red Leaf Resources Inc. of Sandy.

Utility materials incorporating a microparticle matrix, patent No. 8,349,444, invented by Michael D. Kipp of Highland, Michael D. Ridges of American Fork, William T. McCarvill of Salt Lake City, and Dilworth L. Pugh of Mapleton, assigned to Ashtech Industries LLC of Provo.

Ceramic electrode for gliding electric arc, patent No. 8,350,190, invented by Joseph J. Hartvigsen of Kaysville, Michele Hollist of South Jordan, S. Elangovan of South Jordan, Piotr Czernichowski of Layton, and Merrill Wilson of West Jordan, assigned to Ceramatec Inc. of Salt Lake City.

System and method for defining areas of interest and modifying asset monitoring in relation thereto, patent No. 8,350,696, invented by Scott McClellan of Heber City, Eric Capps of Salt Lake City, and Todd Follmer of Coto de Caza, Calif., assigned to Independent Witness Inc. of Salt Lake City.

System and method for automated particle imaging analysis, patent No. 8,351,668, invented by Mehran Thomas Naini of Nibley, assigned to Utah State University of Logan.

Systems and methods for providing and maintaining electronic medical records, patent No. 8,352,289, invented by Dale E. Sandberg of Springville, and Kyle B. Crandall of Springville, assigned to DHI Computing Inc. of Provo.

Digital rights management, patent No. 8,352,375, invented by Gregory J. Boss of American Fork, Peter G. Finn of Brampton, Calif., Rick A. Hamilton of Charlottesville, Va., and Timothy M. Waters of Hiram, Ga., assigned to International Business Machines Corp. of Armonk, N.Y.

Multiple output relaxation machine learning model, patent No. 8,352,389, invented by Tony Ramon Martinez of Orem, and Xinchuan Zheng of Orem, assigned to of Provo.

Product synthesis from multiple sources, patent No. 8,352,473, invented by Ariel Fuxman of Redmond, Wash., Hoa Nguyen of Salt Lake City, Juliana Freire de Lima e Silva of Salt Lake City, Stelios Paparizos of Redmond, Wash., Rakesh Agrawal of Redmond, Wash., Zhimin Chen of Redmond, Wash., Lawrence William Colagiovanni of Issaquah, Wash., and Prakash Sikchi of Redmond, Wash., assigned to Microsoft Corp. of Redmond, Wash.

Systems and methods for providing a confidence-based ranking algorithm, patent No. 8,352,511, invented by Douglas M. Erickson of Centerville, assigned to Partnet Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Web-beacon plug-ins and their certification, patent No. 8,352,917, invented by Catherine Wong of Provo, and Brett Michael Error of Pleasant Grove, assigned to Adobe Systems Inc. of San Jose, Calif.

System for creating a customized software distribution based on user requirements, patent No. 8,352,935, invented by Scott A. Isaacson of Woodland Hills, Eric W. B. Anderson of Alpine, and Robert Wipfel of Draper, assigned to Novell Inc. of Provo.

Chaining information card selectors, patent No. 8,353,002, invented by James Mark Norman of Pleasant Grove, and Daniel S. Sanders of Orem, assigned to Apple Inc. of Cupertino, Calif.

Methods and systems for computing device remediation, patent No. 8,353,044, invented by Howard Jones of Provo, Kevin Unbedacht of Orem, and Randall R. Cook of Springville, assigned to Symantec Corporation of Mountain View, Calif.

Six-sided handrail for firearms, patent No. D674,034, invented by Russell Oliver of Sandy, assigned to O.S.S. Holdings LLC of Murray.


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