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A heads-up to Ron Molen, who argued that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints "remains silent" about guns, "resulting in a moral vacuum" ("LDS and gun morality," Opinion, Jan. 7):

The LDS Church has a clear and unequivocal policy about unlawful violence, gun or no gun, that, if violated, will immediately put the offender's church membership in jeopardy, and in that process the church cooperates fully with law enforcement.

That is especially true with regard to domestic violence, where the majority of gun offenses occur. As a result of the church's Scouting affiliation, young men are carefully taught the proper use, care and respect for firearms, resulting in a lifetime of responsible recreation.

Finally, the LDS Church forbids firearms on its properties.

The church chooses substance over style, preferring to teach its members proper principles for self-governance (that apply to firearms) and then requiring accountability for their choices, rather than making loud public pronouncements that are of little or no benefit.

Molen suggests that LDS Church leaders "establish a moral code that defines a morally defensible use of firearms." Perhaps now he will see that the church has done just that.

Richard Davis

Stansbury Park

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