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Dynamic hammock spreader apparatus and method, patent No. 8,356,370, invented by Gary L. Clark of Salt Lake City, and Spencer D. Clark of Salt Lake City, assigned to Clark Outdoor Products of Salt Lake City.

Methods of forming and installing overhead support systems for movable partition systems, patent No. 8,356,654, invented by W. Michael Coleman of Salt Lake City, Michael D. George of Kaysville and Mark B. Laraway of West Jordan, assigned to Won-Door Corp. of Salt Lake City.

Methods of preloading a sonic drill head and methods of drilling using the same, patent No. 8,356,677, invented by Kristian S. Drivdahl of Park City, Robert Eugene Able of Bozeman, Mont., Todd A. Nevenner of Murray and Kenneth Carl Altrichter of Little Falls, Minn., assigned to Longyear TM Inc. of South Jordan.

Release mechanism for harness system, patent No. 8,356,692, invented by Jeremy A. Steck of Salt Lake City, Marco Tekelenburg of Zelienople, Pa. and Stewart Shannon of Pittsburgh, Pa., assigned to Mine Safety Appliances Co. of Cranberry Township, Pa.

Catheter assembly and pierced septum valve, patent No. 8,357,119, invented by Marty L. Stout of South Jordan, Jonathan K. Burkholz of Salt Lake City and Douglas Anjewierden of Salt Lake City, assigned to Becton, Dickinson and Co. of Franklin Lakes, N.J.

Systems and methods for providing a safety integrated catheter with universal grip, patent No. 8,357,121, invented by Jonathan Karl Burkholz of Salt Lake City, assigned to Becton, Dickinson and Co. of Franklin Lakes, N.J.

Pre-molded bifurcation insert, patent No. 8,357,127, invented by Daniel J. Triplett of Providence and Robert Weintraub of Draper, assigned to C. R. Bard Inc. of Murray Hill, N.J.

Apparatus, system, and method for promoting a substantially complete reaction of an anhydrous hydride reactant, patent No. 8,357,213, invented by John M. Patton of West Jordan, J. Kevin Shurtleff of Orem and Eric J. Ladd of West Jordan, assigned to Trulite Inc. of Houston, Texas.

Apparatus, system and method for generating a gas from solid reactant pouches, patent No. 8,357,214, invented by John Madison Patton of Cameron Park, Calif. and Howard Anderson of Cedar Fort, assigned to Trulite Inc. of El Dorado Hills, Calif.

Treatment of fly ash for use in concrete, patent No. 8,357,239, invented by Chett Boxley of Park City, Akash Akash of Salt Lake City and Qiang Zhao of Natick, Mass., assigned to Ceramatec Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Acidification pre-treatment for UV water disinfection, patent No. 8,357,305, invented by Marcus G. Theodore of Salt Lake City and Terry R. Gong of Moraga, Calif., assigned to Earth Renaissance Technologies LLC of Salt Lake City.

Galactokinase inhibitors, patent No. 8,357,701, invented by Kent Lai of Salt Lake City, Klass Jan Wierenga of Oklahoma City, Ok. and Manshu Tang of Salt Lake City, assigned to University of Miami of Miami, Fla.

Surgical navigation system with magnetoresistance sensors, patent No. 8,358,128, invented by Vernon Thomas Jensen of Draper and William H. Huber of Scotia, N.Y., assigned to General Electric Co. of Schnectady, N.Y.

Marker for pipeline apparatus and method, patent No. 8,358,134, invented by Philip M. Hoyt of Murray, assigned to Pure Technologies Ltd. of Calgary, Calif.

Internal self-check resistance bridge and method, patent No. 8,358,143, invented by Richard W. Walker of Alpine, assigned to Fluke Corp. of Everett, Wash.

System and method for displaying a planar image on a curved surface, patent No. 8,358,317, invented by Kenneth L. Carlson of Salt Lake City, assigned to Evans & Sutherland Computer Corp. of Salt Lake City.

Mini-scope for multidirectional imaging, patent No. 8,358,462, invented by Stephen C. Jacobsen of Salt Lake City, David Marceau of Salt Lake City and Fraser Smith of Salt Lake City.

Transmitter-directed security for wireless-communications, patent No. 8,358,613, invented by Tom Giallorenzi of Sandy, Eric Hall of Sandy, Osama Haddadin of Salt Lake City, Dan Watt of West Jordan and James Dyal of South Jordan, assigned to L-3 Communications Corp. of Salt Lake City.

Means for directing a caller through an interactive voice response system and of making use of prerecorded precategorized scripts, patent No. 8,358,772, invented by Marion Timpson of Salt Lake City.

System and method for dynamically switching quality settings of a codec to maintain a target data rate, patent No. 8,358,859, invented by Jodie L. Reynolds of Folsom, Calif., Lawrence S. Reznick of Sacramento, Calif., John E. Wilkinson of Carmichael, Calif., Jack A. Prock of Folsom, Calif., and Danny L. Mabey of Farmington, assigned to Interact Devices Inc. of Folsom, Calif.

Internet based learning systems, patent No. 8,358,965, invented by Rex J. Allen of Kaysville, and Jared M. Carman of Highland, assigned to Realtime Learning Systems LLC of Salt Lake City.

Towed network communications subsystem for in flight use by towing aircraft, patent No. 8,358,967, invented by Robert G. Rebolledo of Park City, William Henry Hanewinkel, III of Salt Lake City, Paul C. Cherry of West Jordan, and Thomas R. Giallorenzi of Sandy, assigned to L-3 Communications of Salt Lake City.

Microelectrode array system with integrated reference microelectrodes to reduce detected electrical noise and improve selectivity of activation, patent No. 8,359,083, invented by Gregory Arthur Clark of Salt Lake City, David J. Warren of Salt Lake City, Noah M. Ledbetter of Salt Lake City, Marcy Lloyd of Milwaukee, Wis., and Richard A. Normann of Park City, assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation of Salt Lake City.

Symbolic reduction of dynamic executions of concurrent programs, patent No. 8,359,578, invented by Chao Wang of Plainsboro, N.J., Aarti Gupta of Princeton, N.J., Swarat Chaudhuri of Unversity Park, Pa., and Yu Yang of Salt Lake City, assigned to NEC Laboratories America Inc. of Princeton, N.J.

Squirt gun, patent No. D674,849, invented by Kyle S. Wilson of Sandy.

Ball launcher, patent No. D674,851, invented by Kent B. Osborne of Sandy, Brad B. Osborne of Lehi, Blake B. Osborne of Sandy, Travis D. Kinnersley of Salt Lake City, and William J. Hendricks of Highland, assigned to Black Rock Trading LLC of Salt Lake City.

Animal deterrent device, patent No. D674,865, invented by Stuart Eyring of Bountiful, Karl L. Connolly of Brigham City and Landon T. Gwilliam of Salt Lake City, assigned to Orbit Irrigation Products Inc. of North Salt Lake.

Atomizing nozzle for nasal therapy, patent No. D674,892, invented by Marshall T. Denton of Salt Lake City, Perry W. Croll of Salt Lake City, Mark A. Christensen of Salt Lake City, Timothy R. Wolfe of Salt Lake City and J. Michael Brown of Salt Lake City, assigned to Wolfe Tory Medical Inc. of Salt Lake City.


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