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This report about allegations of wrongdoing by Utah Attorney General John Swallow — involving Richard Rawle — when Swallow was deputy attorney general under Mark Shurtleff made me say out loud, "What?!":

"Swallow's side deal with Rawle was exempt from approval and disclosure rules that apply to career attorneys because, as chief deputy, Swallow was a political appointee, Shurtleff said."

We don't hold our state's top attorneys to the same ethical safeguards to which we hold their employees? What's with that?

And then this: "The consulting payments [from Rawle] were not disclosed on Swallow's campaign filing and he removed himself from the management of the company on the same day he filed to run for attorney general in 2012. His wife remains listed as the only manager of the company, although he did not disclose her interest in the company, either. 'At the time of filing for office he was neither a manager nor owner and did not believe it necessary to list this on his disclosures,' according to a statement from the Attorney General's Office."

The whole thing stinks. Something is rotten in the state of Utah!

Glen Davis

Salt Lake City

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