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Re "Good riddance, Phil" (Forum, Jan. 25):

Pro golfer Phil Mickelson wants to move from California to avoid a higher tax rate? The nerve of some people!

He should be strung up or run out of town on a rail. Why, it's positively un-American.

After all, he's probably only paid more in taxes than most of us will pay in our entire lives. He's probably given more to charity than those of us who are so ready and willing to vilify him and anyone else who makes a lot of money.

Since when did it become so popular to blame the "rich" for the financial ills of this country and lay blame at their doorstep for the inability of the federal government and a socialist president and a completely ineffectual Congress to write a tax code that's fair and equitable to all Americans?

Next time anyone feels like bashing the rich, ask: Where would this country be without the likes of Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Morgan and Ford?

And for all who take aim at Mickelson: If, by moving to another state, you could save a million dollars, would you do it? Of course you would.

Jack McDonald

Salt Lake City

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