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Automatic baby formula preparation device, patent No. 8,360,279, invented by Matthew L. Giles of Spanish Fork.

Systems and methods for providing modular camouflage, patent No. 8,359,664, invented by Clyde S. Morgan of Mapleton, and Collin Morgan of Saratoga Springs.

Spacer grid for positioning of fuel rods, patent No. 8,359,732, invented by Lars Hallstadius of Vasteras, Sweden, Mats Dahlback of Vasteras, Sweden, John Bates of West Clearfield, James Dougherty of Riverdale, Steven J. King of Blythewood, S.C., and Robert J. Comstock of Irwin, Pa., assigned to Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB of Vasteras, Sweden.

Projectiles for marking targets and methods of manufacturing such projectiles, patent No. 8,359,978, invented by David W. Endicott of Mendon, Daniel W. Doll of Marriott-Slaterville, R. Brad Cragun of Pleasant View, Jared K. Olson of North Ogden, Michael T. Rose of Tremonton, Mark A. Moore of Ogden, James D. Rozanski of Brigham City, and Russell J. George of Pleasant View, assigned to Alliant Techsystems Inc. of Arlington, Va.

Debris-catching attachment device and method therefor, patent No. 8,360,153, invented by Michael Brent Ford of St. George.

Apparatuses and methods relating to cooling a subterranean drill bit and/or at least one cutting element during use, patent No. 8,360,169, invented by Kenneth E. Bertagnolli of Sandy, and Scott M. Schmidt of Draper, assigned to US Synthetic Corp. of Orem.

Lead the bit rotary steerable tool, patent No. 8,360,174, invented by David R. Hall of Provo, Paula Turner of Pleasant Grove, David Lundgreen of Provo, and Scott Woolston of Provo, assigned to Schlumberger Technology Corp. of Houston, Texas.

Covers for inflatable knee airbag housings, patent No. 8,360,464, invented by Mark L. Enders of Pleasant View, assigned to Autoliv ASP Inc. of Ogden.

Door-mounted airbag system, patent No. 8,360,465, invented by Earl H. Nelson of West Haven, and Bradley W. Smith of Plain City, assigned to Autoliv ASP Inc. of Ogden.

Power trowel and method for applying finish compounds, patent No. 8,360,672, invented by William Troy Stubbs of Hurricane.

Valve rod guide with cyclonic debris removal, patent No. 8,360,756, invented by Michael Brent Ford of St. George.

Catheter assembly and pierced septum valve, patent No. 8,361,020, invented by Marty L. Stout of South Jordan, assigned to Becton, Dickinson and Co. of Franklin Lakes, N.J.

Systems and methods for providing a flow control valve for a medical device, patent No. 8,361,038, invented by Austin Jason McKinnon of Herriman, S. Ray Isaacson of Roy, and Marty L. Stout of South Jordan, assigned to Becton, Dickinson and Co. of Franklin Lakes, N.J.

Optically guided feeding tube, catheters and associated methods, patent No. 8,361,041, invented by John Fang of Salt Lake City, Mark Adams of Salt Lake City, Dylan McCreedy of St. Louis, Mo., Tim Nieman of North Salt Lake, Omar Gallano of Manchester, N.H., Brett Richins of Pittsburgh, Pa., and Shawn Andrus of Big Rapids, Mich., assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation of Salt Lake City.

Electrosurgical instrument with an ablation mode and a coagulation mode, patent No. 8,361,065, invented by Hugh S. West, Jr. of Sandy, assigned to HS West Investements LLC of Sandy.

Non-pedicle based interspinous spacer, patent No. 8,361,116, invented by Elizabeth Watson Edmond of Ann Arbor, Mich., assigned to U.S. Spine Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Tungsten rhenium compounds and composites and methods for forming the same, patent No. 8,361,178, invented by Qingyuan Liu of Provo, Russell J. Steel of Salem, Scott Packer of Alpine, and Scott Horman of Lindon, assigned to Smith International Inc. of Houston, Texas.

Reactive compositions including metal, patent No. 8,361,258, invented by Benjamin N. Ashcroft of Perry, Daniel B. Nielson of Tremonton, and Daniel W. Doll of Marriott-Slaterville, assigned to Alliant Techsystems Inc. of Arlington, Va.

Polycrystalline diamond materials and related products, patent No. 8,361,429, invented by Michael A. Vail of Genola, Kenneth E. Bertagnolli of Riverton, Jason Wiggins of Draper, Jiang Qian of Cedar Hills, and David P. Miess of Highland, assigned to US Synthetic Corp. of Orem.

Optical data storage media containing an encapsulated data layer, patent No. 8,361,585, invented by Christopher J. Buntel of Spanish Fork, Douglas P. Hansen of Spanish Fork, Matthew R. Linford of Orem, Barry M. Lunt of Provo, Christopher M. Miller of Pleasant Grove, Raymond T. Perkins of Orem, and Mark O. Worthington of Montrose, Calif.

Electrically-conductive nanocomposite material, patent No. 8,361,608, invented by George Clayton Hansen of Midway, Nathan D. Hansen of Salt Lake City, and Lauren Hansen of Midway, assigned to Conductive Composites Co. L.L.C. of Midway.

Designer cyclic peptides—HIV gp120 antagonists and their applications, patent No. 8,361,969, invented by Przemyslaw Czyryca of Lehi.

Method and article of manufacture for encapsulating a homeopathic ingredient with a second ingredient, patent No. 8,362,088, invented by W. Matthew Warnock of Sandy, and Shane Hinze of Omaha, Neb.

System and method for rejoining sleeping subnets in a wireless mesh network, patent No. 8,363,569, invented by Robert P. Byard of Sandy, assigned to Digi International Inc. of Minnetonka, Minn.

Hearing aid housing apparatus, patent No. 8,363,869, invented by Owen Brimhall of South Jordan, Jeremy Horton of Sandy, and Craig Collotzi of Riverton, assigned to Sonic Innovations Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Device discovery and channel selection in a wireless networking environment, patent No. 8,364,085, invented by Walter Barnum of Salt Lake City, assigned to Control4 Corp. of Salt Lake City.

Apparatus, system, and method to manage the generation and use of hybrid electric power, patent No. 8,364,287, invented by Ken Pearson of Shingle Springs, Calif., Chris Brydon of Salt Lake City, Eugene You of Salt Lake City, and Guangde Wang of Salt Lake City, assigned to Trulite Inc. of Houston, Texas.

Content-based classification, patent No. 8,364,467, invented by Courtney Bowman of San Francisco, Calif., Nicolas Fernando Cabrera of Menlo Park, Calif., Keyon Hedayati of Sunnyvale, Calif., Katherine Marie Hotchkiss of Palo Alto, Calif., Stephen Tai-Chung Hu of Sunnyvale, Calif., Jared Smith of Provo, Isaac David Sparrow of Scotts Valley, Calif., Jeffrey Michael Stone of Sunnyvale, Calif., Juan Bacani Trinidad of Sunnyvale, Calif., and David Wiesen of San Francisco, Calif., assigned to Google Inc. of Mountian View, Calif.

Medical information validation system, patent No. 8,364,499, invented by Rex Wendell Maughan of Murray, and Jeffrey D. Lee of Grantsville, assigned to Siemens Medical Solutions USA Inc. of Malvern, Pa.

System and method for providing and/or obtaining electronic documents, patent No. 8,364,596, invented by Gregory J. Boss of American Fork, Karyn T. Corneli of Austin, Texas, Brian D. Goodman of Norwalk, Conn., and Rick A. Hamilton, II of Charlottesville, Va., assigned to International Business Machines Corp. of Armonk, N.Y.

Performing a business transaction without disclosing sensitive identity information to a relying party, patent No. 8,364,600, invented by Patrick R. Felsted of Cedar Hills, Thomas E. Doman of Pleasant Grove, James G. Sermersheim of Woodland Hills, Daniel S. Sanders of Orem, Andrew A. Hodgkinson of Pleasant Grove, and Dale R. Olds of Draper, assigned to Apple Inc. of Cupertino, Calif.

System and method for reduced cloud IP address utilization, patent No. 8,364,842, invented by Stephen R. Carter of Spanish Fork, Carolyn Bennion McClain of Springville, Jared Patrick Allen of Sandy, Dale Robert Olds of Draper, and Lloyd Leon Burch of Payson, assigned to Novell Inc. of Provo.

Auditing a website with page scanning and rendering techniques, patent No. 8,365,062, invented by Robert K. Seolas of Alpine, John Pestana of Orem, J. Tyler Broadbent of Lehi, and Richard Zinn of Murrieta, Calif., assigned to ObservePoint Inc. of Orem.

Cycle cutting with timing path analysis, patent No. 8,365,116, invented by Kenneth S. Stevens of Brighton, and Vikas Vij of Salt Lake City, assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation of Salt Lake City.

Multi-party web-beacon-based analytics, patent No. 8,365,150, invented by Catherine Wong of Provo, and Brett Michael Error of Pleasant Grove, assigned to Adobe Systems Inc. of San Jose, Calif.

System and method for automated provisioning of VMware image instances, patent No. 8,365,166, invented by Jeffrey Stephan Hodges of Sandy, assigned to Novell Inc. of Provo.

Multi-core resource utilization planning, patent No. 8,365,184, invented by Stephen R. Carter of Spanish Fork, assigned to Apple Inc. of Cupertino, Calif.

Product package, patent No. D675,088, invented by Brandon West of Sandy, assigned to Tat-Toes LLC of Sandy.

Mouth guard, patent No. D675,323, invented by David L. Spainhower of Huntsville.

Mouth guard, patent No. D675,324, invented by David Spainhower of Huntsville.


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