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A porn star, a psychic and a shrink walk into a studio … and this is not a joke. It's the panel on "That Sex Show," a new Logo series that focuses on solving people's sex problems.

Well, the sex problems of people who are comfortable airing them on a cable channel distributed to more than 51 million homes. And who want advice from former porn star Katie Morgan.

"I don't know [that] simply acting in the industry actually gives you that much knowledge, necessarily, unless you seek it out," said Morgan, who starred in more than 250 adult films. "But I did. I really made it kind of like my sex college."

OK ...

"I specifically searched for things that worked for me," Morgan insisted. "And as I narrowed it down and found out what was good for me, I guess I just kind of researched it from within the industry. Trying by doing."

OK ...

The panel includes host Heidi Hamilton, a radio personality and "out lesbian" (in her words); Mike Dow, who has a master's degree in marriage and family therapy and a doctorate in psychology; and Dougall Fraser, a "psychic life coach."

OK ...

"My job is to look at what the next layer is," Fraser said. "I call myself the queer guy with the third eye. I'm the relatable gay best friend that knows whether or not your relationship is going to work out. Or maybe if you should ask someone to marry you. And whether or not it's the right fit.

"My purpose is to empower you, that you are intuitive just as much as I am."

OK ...

Designed for the social media generation, the show is encouraging viewers to participate via phone, video chat and social networks like Twitter and Facebook. After an hourlong premiere on Monday at 8:30 p.m., new episodes will air live weeknights at 9 p.m. with plenty of repeats throughout the week.

The plan is to air the show live at 11 p.m. ET — which is the 9 p.m. show Utahns will see on Comcast. A second live show will be online at at 9:30 p.m. MT and a third at 11 p.m. PT. Check your cable or satellite listings.

And despite all the jibber-jabber about empowerment, "That Sex Show" is about — you guessed it! — sex.

"Everyone has something that they want to know," Dow said. "And when it comes to sex, [and] relationships, a lot of people are embarrassed. And so sometimes we're giving you some very simple, basic answers that you think everybody should know, and sometimes we're going to talk about the strangest fetish you've ever heard of."

And if you're embarrassed about your strange fetish, you can call in (without the video chat) or Tweet in.


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