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Gays and lesbians are hoping, again, that the Utah Legislature will finally pass a statewide ban on housing and employment discrimination against homosexuals. The times are not only a-changin', they have changed. Utah needs to get with the times.

With the armed forces no longer discriminating, with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints promoting compassion toward gays, with the Boy Scouts on the verge of quitting its absolute ban on openly gay Scouts and leaders, and with nine states allowing gay marriages and seven more granting full rights through civil unions, it's time — it's way past time — for Utah to at least make it illegal to discriminate against gays in housing and employment.

Even the LDS Church supported such a bill for Salt Lake City. What's wrong with our state legislators? At long last, have they no decency? No compassion?

If people were refusing to rent to Mormons or to promote them because of their religion, our legislators would be outraged. They'd pass a law making that illegal. Oh, wait — there is such a law.

Utah legislators: Just do for others as you want done to you. That's all. Just some empathy. Please?

Jeff Cole

Salt Lake City

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