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The "Missed Connections" page on Craigslist are where people post requests to get together with somebody they saw someplace — in hopes of igniting a spark that wasn't lit when they first shared the same breathing space.

Or, to a more jaded eye, it's stalking for lazy people.

The page is also fodder for a scholarly study, published on the website of Psychology Today, that examines where people are most likely to see that elusive somebody — on a state-by-state basis.

According to the map created by Dorothy Gambrell (dubbed by blogger Andrew Sullivan "The Saddest Map in America"), the most popular location on "Missed Connection" posts in Utah is a college campus.

There are worse places. In 15 states, according to Gambrell's map, the top location is a Wal-Mart. Mass transit factors heavily in several states — particularly in the Northeast and Northwest. And gyms are popular in California, Arizona and Virginia.

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