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Apparatus, system and method for treating atypical headaches, patent No. 8,388,600, invented by Stephen Eldredge of South Jordan, assigned to Dolor Technologies of Salt Lake City.

Sundial, patent No. 8,387,265, invented by Joyce Popendorf of North Logan, assigned to Heliosphere Designs, LLC of North Logan.

Movable partitions, header assemblies for movable partitions and related, patent No. 8,387,322, invented by Michael D. George of Kaysville, assigned to Won-Door Corporation of Salt Lake City.

Ski chair lift display apparatus and method, patent No. 8,387,542, invented by Christian R. Ahrens of Salt Lake City.

System and method for mass transit merchant payment, patent No. 8,387,873, invented by Peter D. Saunders of Salt Lake City, Lee J. Peart of Epsom, United Kingdom, and Brian T. Barnes of South Jordan, assigned to American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. of New York, N.Y.

Large array differential scanning calorimeter, DSC measuring unit, patent No. 8,388,220, invented by Edwin A. Lewis of Starkville, Miss., and Donald J. Russell of Orem, assigned to Waters Technologies Corporation of Milford, Mass.

Arrow shaft with transition portion, patent No. 8,388,473, invented by Jacob C. Smith of Salt Lake City, assigned to Easton Technical Products, Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Differential diagnosis of neuropsychiatric conditions, patent No. 8,388,529, invented by Joanna Lynn Fueyo of Brighton, Mass., Robert Lee Angell of Salt Lake City, Robert R. Friedlander of Southbury, Conn., and James R. Kraemer of Santa Fe, N.M., assigned to International Business Machines Corporation of Armonk, N.Y.

Integrated system for intravascular placement of a catheter, patent No. 8,388,541, invented by Shayne Messerly of Kaysville, Jeremy B. Cox of Salt Lake City, Anthony K. Misener of Bountiful, Catherine C. Breiter of Holladay, Ryan R. Lemon of Sandy, Christian W. Crook of West Jordan, Matthew W. Bown of West Bountiful, Eddie K. Burnside of Bountiful, Kelly J. Christian of Draper, Amir Orome of Sandy, and Jason R. Stats of Layton, assigned to C. R. Bard, Inc. of Murray Hill, N.J.

Method of locating the tip of a central venous catheter, patent No. 8,388,546, invented by Peter M. Rothenberg of San Clemente, Calif., assigned to Bard Access Systems, Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Systems and methods for providing a flushable catheter assembly, patent No. 8,388,583, invented by Marty L. Stout of South Weber, S. Ray Isaacson of Roy, Mark Spinti of Flagstaff, Ariz., and Austin Jason McKinnon of Herriman, assigned to Becton, Dickinson and Company of Franklin Lakes, N.J.

Compact line locks and methods, patent No. 8,388,655, invented by T. Wade Fallin of Hyde Park, and M. Mary Sinnott of Logan, assigned to IMDS Corporation of Logan.

Convective dissolution of salts in situ ponds, patent No. 8,388,702, invented by Abraham Sadan of Park City.

Bag filtration system for a forced-air furnace, patent No. 8,388,714, invented by Douglas I. Kearsley of Morgan.

Alkali metal perchlorate-containing gas generants, patent No. 8,388,777, invented by Michael W. Barnes of Brigham City, Ivan V. Mendenhall of Providence, and Robert D. Taylor of Hyrum, assigned to Autoliv ASP, Inc. of Ogden.

Optical data storage media containing substantially inert low melting, patent No. 8,389,095, invented by David E. Allred of Layton, Erik C. Bard of Lehi, Robert C. Davis of Provo, Douglas P. Hansen of Spanish Fork, Matthew R. Linford of Orem, Barry M. Lunt of Provo, and Mark O. Worthington of Montrose, Calif., assigned to Brigham Young University of Provo.

Optical data storage media having high pressure-at-break strength, patent No. 8,389,096, invented by Michael L. Bailey of Gig Harbor, Wash., Douglas P. Hansen of Spanish Fork, Barry M. Lunt of Provo, and Christopher M. Miller of Pleasant Grove, assigned to Brigham Young University of Provo.

Non-invasive recovery of RNA and analysis of gene expression in skin, patent No. 8,389,215, invented by Gerald Krueger of Salt Lake City, and Nicholas Benson of San Diego, Calif., assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation of Salt Lake City.

HCV protease inhibitors, patent No. 8,389,560, invented by Chen-Fu Liu of Taipei, Taiwan, Kuang-Yuan Lee of Hsinchu, Taiwan, Pei-Chin Cheng of Xizhou Shiang, Taiwan, Yo-Chin Liu of Sanchong, Taiwan, Pin Lo of Sanchong, Taiwan, Kuo-Feng Tseng of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Chih-Ming Chen of Libertyville, Ill., Chi-Hsin Richard King of Holladay, and Chu-Chung Lin of Taipei, Taiwan, assigned to TaiGen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. of Taipei, Taiwan.

Ground fault circuit interrupter and method, patent No. 8,390,297, invented by Riley D. Beck of Eagle Mountain, Kent D. Layton of Lehi, Matthew A. Tyler of Kaysville, and Scott R. Grange of Pleasant Grove, assigned to Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC of Phoenix, Ariz.

Technique for converting non-conforming hexahedral-to-hexahedral, patent No. 8,390,620, invented by Matthew L. Staten of Albuquerque, N.M., Jason F. Shepherd of Edgewood, N.M., Frank Ledoux of Lisses, France, Kenji Shimada of Pittsburgh, Pa., Karl G. Merkley of Lindon, and Carlos Carbonera of St. Paul, Minn., assigned to Sandia Corporation of Albuquerque, N.M.

Method and system for rendering connecting antialiased line segments, patent No. 8,390,645, invented by Franklin C. Crow of Portola Valley, Calif., John S. Montrym of Los Altos Hills, Calif., David K. McAllister of Holladay, and Craig M. Wittenbrink of Palo Alto, Calif., assigned to Nvidia Corporation of Santa Clara, Calif.

Method and system for communicating and controlling electric detonators, patent No. 8,390,979, invented by Eldon K. Hurley of Salt Lake City, Cornelis L. Kome of Salt Lake City, and Robert W. Levan of Salt Lake City, assigned to Dyno Nobel Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Communications reliability in a hub-spoke communications system, patent No. 8,391,334, invented by Vaughn L. Mower of Bountiful, Merle L. Keller of Salt Lake City, and Roger Baker of South Jordan, assigned to L-3 Communications Corp of New York, N.Y.

Method of massive parallel pattern matching against a progressively-exhaustive knowledge base of patterns, patent No. 8,391,609, invented by Stephen G. Huntington of Cedar Hills, Bevan Rowley of Lehi, and E. Derek Rowley of Olympia, Wash.

Genre-based video quota management, patent No. 8,391,680, invented by Kulvir S. Bhogal of Pflugerville, Texas, Gregory J. Boss of American Fork, Rick A. Hamilton, II of Charlottesville, Va., and Brian M. O'Connell of Cary, N.C., assigned to International Business Machines Corporation of Armonk, N.Y.

Point and go navigation system and method, patent No. 8,392,036, invented by Stephen C. Jacobsen of Salt Lake City, and Marc X. Olivier of Sandy, assigned to Raytheon Company of Waltham, Mass.

Method and system for transferring bill payment data, patent No. 8,392,300, invented by Raghunath Battula of Sunnyvale, Calif., Charles Richard Honton of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Donald Victor Ius of Provo, Nagananda Addagadde of Parma Heights, Ohio, Carson Page Benson of Orem, and Scott William Paxman of Lindon, assigned to Intuit Inc. of Mountain View, Calif.

Managing access to digital identity information, patent No. 8,392,420, invented by Joseph Andrew Mellmer of Salt Lake City, Russell T. Young of Pleasant Grove, Arn D. Perkins of Alpine, John M. Robertson of Pleasant Grove, Jeffrey Neil Sabin of Spanish Fork, Michael C. McDonald of Orem, Douglas Phillips of Orem, Robert Michael Sheridan of Oak Hill, Va., Nadeem Ahmad Nazeer of Orem, DeeAnne Barker Higley of Provo, Stephen R. Carter of Spanish Fork, Douglas G. Earl of Orem, Kelly E. Sonderegger of Santaquin, Daniel T. Ferguson of Orem, and Farrell Lynn Brough of West Jordan, assigned to EMC Corporation of Hopkinton, Mass.

Indexing and filtering using composite data stores, patent No. 8,392,426, invented by Ronald P. Millett of Cedar Hills, assigned to Perfect Search Corporation of Orem.

Method and system for searching for, and collecting, electronically stored, patent No. 8,392,706, invented by Elliot Spencer of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom, Samuel J. Baker of Belden, Miss., and Erik Andersen of Springville, assigned to Perlustro, L.P. of Belden, Mich.

Apparatus, system and method for validating that correct data is read, patent No. 8,392,798, invented by David Flynn of Sandy, Jonathan Thatcher of Liberty Lake, Wash., and John Strasser of Syracuse, assigned to Fusion-IO, Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Multiple biometric smart card authentication, patent No. 8,392,965, invented by Stephen R. Carter of Spanish Fork, and Tammy A. Green of Provo, assigned to Oracle International Corporation of Redwood Shores, Calif.

Stove, patent No. D677,106, invented by Michael Horito of Provo, Lee Croy of Salt Lake City, John R. Omdahl, II of Lindon, and Steven Madsen of New York, N.Y., assigned to Fenix Outdoor AB of Oernskoeldsvik, Sweden.

Mixing bottle and closure, patent No. D677,121, invented by David O. Meyers of Kaysville, and Steven M. Sorenson of Alpine, assigned to Runway Blue, LLC of Alpine.

Retractable lanyard, patent No. D677,188, invented by Edward Van Lee Kalbach of Nibley, assigned to EK Ekcessories, Inc. of Logan.

Retractable lanyard, patent No. D677,189, invented by Edward Van Lee Kalbach of Nibley, assigned to Ek Ekcessories, Inc. of Logan.

Headphone, patent No. D677,241, invented by Peter M. Kelly of Park City, and Daniel A. Levine of Newport Beach, Calif., assigned to Skullcandy, Inc. of Park City.


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