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Welcome to Weekend Rewind, a glance back at The Salt Lake Tribune's top news stories, photos and opinions you may have missed over the weekend.

Top stories this past weekend

Mormon leader: Obama's immigration plan matches LDS values • President Barack Obama's outline for immigration reform matches the values of the Mormon faith, according to Dieter F. Uchtdorf, second counselor in the LDS Church's governing First Presidency.

Does daylight saving time cost Utahns money? Study says yes • A recent analysis concludes daylight saving time actually costs each Salt Lake City resident an extra $1.23, when factoring in heart attacks, workplace injuries and a lack of productivity at the office.

Two Utah airports to close air traffic control towers • The airports in Provo and Ogden are scheduled to close their air control towers because of the sequestration, and the prospect is raising issues about safety, managers of both airports say.

Special Forces soldiers drop plan to 'infiltrate' Utah • Army Special Forces soldiers will not "infiltrate" Utah communities this summer, because of budget tightening and becaume some residents had suspicions about the role-playing exercise.

University of Utah ignored ongoing abuse of swimmers, parents say • Parents of University of Utah swimmers concerned about the behavior of embattled coach Greg Winslow claim the school's athletics department overlooked or improperly investigated allegations of physical and psychological abuse and failed to protect the confidentiality of whistle-blowing athletes.

Is now the right time to move the Utah State Prison? • Today the prison is in the middle of a thriving center of communities and high-tech businesses along the Interstate 15 corridor that state officials say is increasingly key to Utah's economic viability — and pressure is building once again to find it a new home.

Six Utah actors, six questions, so many connections • We all know the meme by now. Choose any six people at random, list their immediate and intermediate friends and acquaintances. Compare that list to that of another person selected at random. You will soon discover, according to the theory of Hungarian playwright and journalist Frigyes Karinthy, that six connections at most separate the two.

Other news of interest

Opinion and commentary

Monson: Has Utah A.D. Chris Hill met his waterloo?

Medicaid options: Don't tie the governor's hands

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