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Wheeled sport apparatus, as for training and recreation, patent No. 8,398,099, invented by William Eric Edginton of Rigby, Idaho, assigned to Powdr-Woodward PA LLC of Park City.

Motorcycle valve spring removal tool, patent No. 8,397,361, invented by David K. Irving of Hyrum.

Perforated plate seismic damper, patent No. 8,397,444, invented by Larry D. Reaveley of Salt Lake City, and Tyler J. Ross of Pleasant View, assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation of Salt Lake City.

Tile with multiple-level surface, patent No. 8,397,466, invented by Mark L. Jenkins of West Valley City, Jeremiah Shapiro of West Valley City, and Cheryl Forster of Salt Lake City, assigned to Connor Sport Court International, LLC of Salt Lake City.

Adapter for converting a magazine-fed firearm to use linked ammunition, patent No. 8,397,617, invented by Darrell E. Shirts of Salt Lake City, and Darren Saunders of Salt Lake City.

Initiator with molded ESD dissipater, patent No. 8,397,639, invented by Scott C. Gordon of Hyde Park, and Jeffrey T. Kida of Layton, assigned to Autoliv ASP, Inc. of Ogden.

Tables with nesting table tops, patent No. 8,397,652, invented by Wendell Peery of Kaysville, David C. Winter of Layton, and Mitch Johnson of South Weber, assigned to Lifetime Products, Inc. of Clearfield.

Folding table with locking member, patent No. 8,397,653, invented by Kent Ashby of Logan, and Joel Bennett of Clinton, assigned to Lifetime Products, Inc. of Clearfield.

Fuel pretreater, patent No. 8,397,699, invented by Raymond L. Peterson of West Valley.

Fluid conduit couplers with depressible latch mechanism, patent No. 8,397,756, invented by Trent Turner Packham of Fort Collins, Colo., Francis J. Lombardi of Fort Collins, Colo., Leonard L. Hofheins of Provo, Gregg D. Niven of Kaysville, Robert J. Elshof of Fort Collins, Colo., Raymond L. Townsend of Johnstown, Colo., and Richard W. Cairns of Longmont, Colo., assigned to Nordson Corporation of Westlake, Ohio.

Low-pressure valve assembly, patent No. 8,397,763, invented by Jules A. deGreef of Sandy, David B. Beck of Draper, and Corey B. Welch of North Salt Lake City, assigned to Bend Tech, LLC of Draper.

Drill bit with cutting elements having functionally engineered wear, patent No. 8,397,841, invented by Anthony Griffo of The Woodlands, Texas, Ahigang Fang of Salt Lake City, and Robert Denton of Pearland, Texas, assigned to Smith International, Inc. of Houston, Texas.

Universal carabiner holder, patent No. 8,398,134, invented by Stephen Mortensen of Vernal, assigned to Quasar Services of Vernal.

Frame members with tab and slot connections, patent No. 8,398,159, invented by Stephen Hall of Sandy.

Asphalt milling attachment with depth control and bit access, patent No. 8,398,176, invented by J. Tron Haroldsen of Herriman, and Jeremy K. Nix of Provo, assigned to Asphalt Zipper, Inc. of Pleasant Grove.

Extendible axle member for the rear of an agricultural harvester, patent No. 8,398,179, invented by Ryan Patrick Mackin of Milan, Ill., Daniel James Burke of Cordova, Ill., Bruce Alan Coers of Hillsdale, Ill., Eric Allan Risius of Hampton, Ill., Glenn E Pope of Viola, Ill., and David Rix of Sandy, assigned to Deere & Company of Moline, Ill.

Separation fastener with frangible nut, patent No. 8,398,352, invented by Brent Parks of Englewood, Colo., and Bradley W. Smith of Plain City, assigned to Autoliv ASP, Inc. of Ogden.

Dental intraligamentary injection needles and related methods of, patent No. 8,398,397, invented by Dan E. Fischer of Sandy, assigned to Ultradent Products, Inc. of South Jordan.

Methods and apparatus for improving time domain relationships between, patent No. 8,398,559, invented by Kai Kuck of Hamburg, Germany, Joseph A. Orr of Park City, and Lara Brewer of Bountiful, assigned to Respironics, Inc. of Murrysville, Pa.

System and method for inflation syringe with improved display, patent No. 8,398,588, invented by Fred P. Lampropoulos of Salt Lake City, Steve Taylor of Salt Lake City, Thomas Stout of Salt Lake City, Jim Mottola of Salt Lake City, and Blaine Johnson of Riverton, assigned to Merit Medical Systems, Inc. of South Jordan.

Needle shield and interlock, patent No. 8,398,597, invented by Greg L. Brimhall of West Jordan, assigned to Becton, Dickinson and Company of Franklin Lakes, N.J.

Articulating transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion inserter device, patent No. 8,398,649, invented by Christo Koulisis of Niceville, Fla., and David Crook of Mineola, Texas, assigned to US Spine, Inc. of Salt Lake City.

System for electrocoagulation fluid treatment, patent No. 8,398,829, invented by Bryon Tarbet of Highland, and Wes W. Williams of Rhome, Texas, assigned to Water Rescue Services Holdings LLC of Fort Worth, Texas.

Primers for melting analysis, patent No. 8,399,189, invented by Carl T. Wittwer of Salt Lake City, Luming Zhou of Salt Lake City, and Mark Aaron Poritz of Salt Lake City, assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation of Salt Lake City.

Method for monitoring intracellular tyrosine phosphatase activity, patent No. 8,399,213, invented by Nunzio Bottini of San Diego, Calif., Stephanie Stanford of San Diego, Calif., Amy Barrios of Salt Lake City, and Sayantan Mitra of San Diego, Calif., assigned to University of Southern California of Los Angeles, Calif.

Alkylated semi synthetic glycosaminoglycosan ethers, and methods for, patent No. 8,399,430, invented by Glenn D. Prestwich of Eastsound, Wash., Jianxing Zhang of Salt Lake City, Thomas P. Kennedy of Charlotte, N.C., Narayanam V. Rao of Salt Lake City, and Xiaoyu Xu of Foster City, Calif., assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation of Salt Lake City.

Lightweight structural finish, patent No. 8,399,552, invented by Markus Bohler of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Michael Flynn of Levitown, Pa., and Mary England of Lehi, assigned to Construction Research & Technology GmbH of Trostberg, Del.

Quiescent current control for class AB output stages, patent No. 8,400,220, invented by Daniel M. Joffe of Owens Crossroads, Ala., and Paul C. Ferguson of Riverton, assigned to Adtran, Inc. of Huntsville, Ala.

System and method for reducing pin-count of memory devices, and memory, patent No. 8,400,844, invented by Scott Gatzemeier of Alpine, Wallace Fister of Meridian, Idaho, Adam Johnson of Boise, Idaho, and Ben Louie of Fremont, Calif., assigned to Micron Technology, Inc. of Boise, Idaho.

Modulation and demodulation of band-limited signals using near-Nyquist, patent No. 8,401,108, invented by Osama S. Haddadin of Salt Lake City, and William McIntire of Sandy, assigned to L-3 Communications Corp of New York, N.Y.

Conveyer belt with optically visible and machine-detectable indicators, patent No. 8,401,146, invented by R. John Vorhees of Clearfield.

Methods and systems for machine-related information delivery, patent No. 8,401,675, invented by Brad E. Jensen of West Jordan, and Shane W. Lawrence of East Sp. Fork, assigned to Intellischematic, LLC of Alpine.

Systems and methods for ranking user defined targets in a universal graph, patent No. 8,402,023, invented by Timothy Patrick Sheehan of Decatur, Ga., Christian Michael Bates of Wanship, Paul Samuel Stevens, Jr. of Salt Lake City, and Richard Stafford of Bountiful, assigned to Reachable, Inc. of Palo Alto, Calif.

Apparatus, system, and method for multi-bitrate content streaming, patent No. 8,402,156, invented by David F. Brueck of Saratoga Springs, and Mark B. Hurst of Cedar Hills, assigned to DISH Digital L.L.C. of Englewood, Colo.

Internet-based system and method for distributing interstitial, patent No. 8,402,157, invented by Brad Krassner of Miami Beach, Fla., Nikolai Mentchoukov of Miami Beach, Fla., and Alan Edwards of Miami Beach, Fla., assigned to Rich Media Worldwide, LLC of Salt Lake City.

Handling sensors in a context-aware platform with hint signals, patent No. 8,402,174, invented by James Lester Memmott of Draper, and Atul N. Hatalkar of Chandler, Ariz., assigned to Intel Corporation of Santa Clara, Calif.

Apparatus, system, and method for storage space recovery in solid-state, patent No. 8,402,201, invented by David Flynn of Sandy, Bert Lagerstedt of Pleasant Grove, John Strasser of Syracuse, Jonathan Thatcher of Lehi, John Walker of Sandy, and Michael Zappe of Wheat Ridge, Colo., assigned to Fusion-io, Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Creating and verifying electronic documents, patent No. 8,402,276, invented by Ryan R. Berringer of River Heights, Todd R. Hougaard of Cove, and Richard S. Andrus of North Logan, assigned to Ingeo Systems, Inc. of Logan.

Viewing multidimensional metric data from multiple test cases, patent No. 8,402,317, invented by Christian Portal of Holliston, Mass., Michael J. Thomas of Park City, and James G. Owen of Bolton, Mass., assigned to The Math Works, Inc. of Natick, Mass.

Substituting a favorite password value entered into a field of an online, patent No. 8,402,362, invented by Gregory Jenson Boss of American Fork, Yen-Fu Chen of Austin, Texas, Rick Allen Hamilton, II of Charlottesville, Va., and Timothy Moffett Waters of Hiram, Ga., assigned to International Business Machines Corporation of Armonk, N.Y.

System and method for communicating with a microcontroller, patent No. 8,402,431, invented by Todd DeBoer of Duluth, Ga., Peter Carbone of Tokyo, Japan, Jeff Waldman of Hillsborough, N.J., Dave Johnson of San Jose, Calif., and Rob Dautel of Draper, assigned to Renesas Electronics America Inc. of Santa Clara, Calif.

Preventing propagation of malicious software during execution in a virtual, patent No. 8,402,529, invented by David E. Green of Pleasant Grove, Richard Payne of Santaquin, and Trevor Wood of Orem, assigned to M86 Security, inc. of Irvine, Calif.

Conference phone, patent No. D678,237, invented by Christopher A. Bourne of Stansbury Park, assigned to Clearone Communications, Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Internet protocol conference telephone station, patent No. D678,239, invented by Christopher Alan Bourne of Stansbury Park, Michael Braithwaite of Austin, Texas, Derek Graham of South Jordan, Peter H. Manley of Draper, Alan Dean Romig of Stansbury Park, and David K. Lambert of South Jordan, assigned to Clearone Communications, Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Drill bit with a pointed cutting element, patent No. D678,368, invented by David R. Hall of Provo, Francis Leany of Salem, Ronald B. Crockett of Payson, Casey Webb of Provo, and Marcus Skeem of Provo.

Squirt gun, patent No. D678,427, invented by Kyle S. Wilson of Sandy.

Rapid exchange aspiration catheter, patent No. D678,511, invented by Shawn P. Fojtik of Park City, assigned to Control Medical Technology, LLC of Park City.

Panel with translucent ribbon interlayer, patent No. D678,556, invented by Elizabeth Egan Metcalf of Salt Lake City, assigned to 3form, Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Drum, patent No. D678,650, invented by Jordan Kimball Giles of Tooele, John Kimball Giles, Jr. of Tooele, and James Patrick Reynolds of Rush Valley.


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