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The new Utah legislative mantra of fighting the feds on every issue, regardless of the benefits to Utah citizens, is fiscally and morally irresponsible. How many Utah legislators voting on these issues pay for their own health insurance?

As a small-business owner, I do. I understand the need to have insurance, and realize that those who can't afford it put off basic health care services, only to flood emergency rooms with more critical health issues — issues that we all end up paying for in higher health care bills.

I am embarrassed by our Legislature's "leadership," who feel they should deny 130,000 low-income residents access to preventative health care services. This anti-federal chest-beating punishes impoverished Utahns. In addition, not accepting federal Medicaid funds puts our state at competitive disadvantage.

It's time for someone to apply some common sense to the bigoted anti-federal bias that is increasingly clouding the judgment of our Legislature. That someone is you, Gov. Gary Herbert!

It's time to expand Medicaid and call out those on Utah's Capitol Hill who continue to make irresponsible public policy decisions.

Scott Ford


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