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Pocketed golf towel, patent No. D678,704, invented by Darren Jones of American Fork, assigned to Alpine Innovations LLC of Lehi.

Wall assembly comprising panels configured to reside in an overhead, patent No. 8,402,700, invented by David R. Hall of Provo, Craig Garvin of Provo, Matt Godsey of Provo, Hyrum Lee of Provo, Byron Garvin of Provo and Daniel Garvin of Provo.

Methods, systems, and devices for sensing, measuring, and controlling, patent No. 8,402,974, invented by Clark C. Davis of Holladay, Scott D. Miles of Sandy, Daryl R. Edmiston of Draper, Brian K. Whisenant of Salt Lake City and Dewayne C. Fox of South Jordan, assigned to Coherex Medical Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Tube slide clamp with extending finger grips, patent No. 8,403,291, invented by Michael Wallace Howlett of Salt Lake City and James Victor Mercer of West Jordan.

Detachable seat mounted audio-visual entertainment system, patent No. 8,403,411, invented by William J. Boyer, Jr. of Lakewood, Wash. and Robert Ray Henseon of Spanaway, Wash., assigned to DigEcor, Inc. of Springville.

Methods, luminaires and systems for matching a composite light spectrum, patent No. 8,403,523, invented by Robert Gerlach of Draper, Michael W. Wood of Austin, Texas, and David J. Kinzer of Baraboo, Wis., assigned to Electronic Theatre Controls Inc. of Middleton, Wis.

Plurality of liquid jet nozzles and a blower mechanism that are directed, patent No. 8,403,595, invented by David R. Hall of Provo, and Thomas Morris of Spanish Fork.

Reduced friction catheter introducer and method of manufacturing and using, patent No. 8,403,890, invented by Eric Michael King of West Jordan and James D. Beal of Spanish Fork, assigned to C. R. Bard Inc. of Murray Hill, N.J.

Luer receiver and method for fluid transfer, patent No. 8,403,894, invented by Lawrence A. Lynn of Worthington, Ohio and Weston F. Harding of Lehi, assigned to Becton, Dickinson and Co. of Franklin Lakes, N.J.

Systems and methods for improving catheter hole array efficiency, patent No. 8,403,911, invented by Chad M. Adams of Cedar Hills and Austin Jason McKinnon of Herriman, assigned to Becton, Dickinson and Co. of Franklin Lakes, N.J.

Methods and devices for delivery of prosthetic heart valves, patent No. 8,403,981, invented by David C. Forster of Los Altos Hills, Calif., Scott Heneveld of Whitmore, Calif., Brandon Walsh of Syracuse and Brian Beckey of Woodside, Calif., assigned to CardiacMC Inc. of Los Altos Hills, Calif.

Expandable spinal fusion cage and associated instrumentation, patent No. 8,403,990, invented by Randall F. Dryer of Austin, Texas, Bret M. Berry of Sandy and Eric C. Lange of Collierville, Tenn., assigned to Warsaw Orthopedic Inc. of Warsaw, Ind.

Process of producing oil from algae using biological rupturing, patent No. 8,404,004, invented by James R. Oyler of Salt Lake City, assigned to Genifuel Corp. of Salt Lake City.

Fuel cell and method for generating electric power, patent No. 8,404,396, invented by Gerald Watt of Provo and Dean R. Wheeler of Orem, assigned to Brigham Young University of Provo.

In vivo use of glutathione S-transferase activated nitric oxide donors, patent No. 8,404,665, invented by Paul Shami of Salt Lake City, assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation of Salt Lake City.

Universal dimmer, patent No. 8,405,319, invented by Laurence P. Sadwick of Salt Lake City and William B. Sackett of Sandy.

Capacitive discharge fuse programming apparatus and method, patent No. 8,405,448, invented by David R. Hall of Provo, Marshall Soares of Taylorsville, and Paul Moody of Sandy.

Overflow resistant, fixed precision, bit optimized systolic array for QR, patent No. 8,406,334, invented by Raghavendar M. Rao of Austin, Texas, Raied N. Mazahreh of Cottonwood Heights and Hai-Jo Tarn of San Jose, Calif., assigned to Xilinx Inc. of San Jose, Calif.

Privacy modes in an open-air multi-port conferencing device, patent No. 8,406,415, invented by David Lambert of South Jordan, assigned to Clearone Communications, Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Security system and method of in-flight entertainment device rentals, patent No. 8,406,453, invented by Robert Ray Henson of Spanaway, Wash., assigned to Digecor Inc. of Springville.

Systems and methods for magnetic resonance imaging, patent No. 8,406,849, invented by Eun-Kee Jeong of North Salt Lake City, Dennis L. Parker of Centerville, Kim Seong-Eun Choi of Salt Lake City and Evgueni G. Kholmovski of Salt Lake City, assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation of Salt Lake City.

Ischemia detection based on combination of parameters, patent No. 8,406,862, invented by Bruce Hopenfeld of Salt Lake City, assigned to Angel Medical Systems Inc. of Fair Haven, N.J.

Methods and systems for treating cardiac arrhythmias, patent No. 8,406,871, invented by Mohamed Hussein Hamdan of Salt Lake City, assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation of Salt Lake City.

Systems and methods for estimating the effects of a request to change, patent No. 8,406,933, invented by Paul E. Nagel of Draper and William B. West of Sandy, assigned to Control4 Corp. of Salt Lake City.

Method and apparatus for gradient electromagnetic induction well logging, patent No. 8,407,005, invented by Michael Zhdanov of Leeds, United Kingdom, assigned to Technoimaging LLC of Salt Lake City.

Efficient string pattern matching for large pattern sets, patent No. 8,407,245, invented by Matthew V. Ryan of Spanish Fork, Andrew Hodgkinson of Pleasant Grove and Russell Young of Pleasant Grove, assigned to Microsoft Corp. of Redmond, Wash.

Auto-discovery based item(s) sharing, including sender pushing, patent No. 8,407,362, invented by Calvin R. Gaisford of Orem, assigned to Oracle International Corp. of Redwood Shores, Calif.

Keypad de-bouncing apparatus and method, patent No. 8,407,381, invented by Allen Erik Sjogren of Park City, and Eric Nerdrum of Kaysville, assigned to Fluke Corp. of Everett, Wash.

Non-invasive automatic offsite patch fingerprinting and updating system, patent No. 8,407,687, invented by Sean Moshir of Scottsdale, Ariz., Christopher A. H. Andrew of Chandler, Ariz., Jack Lee Hudler of Allen, Texas, Leon Li of Mesa, Ariz., Jonathan M. Gordon of Mesa, Ariz., Michael Bacon of Peoria, Ariz., Noah Williams of Scottsdale, Ariz., Jonathan Lane of Reno, Nev., James J. Horton of Gilbert, Ariz., and Dan Ferguson of Orem, assigned to Lumension Security Inc. of Scottsdale, Ariz.

Methods and systems for merging virtualization sublayers, patent No. 8,407,700, invented by Karl Bunnell of Highland, Paul Mackay of Provo and Jared Payne of Pleasant Grove, assigned to Symantec Corp. of Mountain View, Calif.

Support structure for portable electronic device, patent No. D678,885, invented by David P. Gengler of Draper, assigned to Zagg Intellectual Property Holding Co. Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Panel with translucent twisted ribbon interlayer, patent No. D679,030, invented by Elizabeth Egan Metcalf of Salt Lake City, assigned to 3form Inc. of Salt Lake City.


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