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For the past four years, my boys have regularly attended "No Girls Allowed" classes at the Salt Lake County Library ("Girls and boys," Forum, April 15). I love this program.

Most important, my boys love this program. What a wonderful way to keep the boys not only in the library but interested in reading.

Each month, my boys come out of the library laden with books related to the subject they discussed in "No Girls Allowed." It lifts my heart and puts a smile on my face to see their pure joy and enthusiasm for what they learned.

"No Girls Allowed" is a tree-house reference; it does not belittle, demean or diminish what women can do. In our home, children are taught to respect people for who they are as a person, not their gender. I'm so tired of the equal rights debate and women feeling slighted.

It's a matter of building up boys and maintaining interest in reading. Other library programs directed only at girls also entail excitement. Just ask my daughter — she can't wait to go!

As a mother, I thank the library staff for seeing a need and fulfilling it.

Jessica Peck

South Jordan

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