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When Tay Glover-Wright grabbed an interception in the Utah State spring game, his old roommate was cheering as loudly as anyone on the sidelines.

Will Davis, who crept up the depth chart this past season and became a legitimate NFL Draft prospect, felt a little strange not being on the field. But seeing the defense succeed gave him some closure on his Utah State career.

"It was good to see everybody doing well back there," he said. "Tay got a pick, Mo Alexander is back there hitting guys, all those guys are doing well. It was weird being one of the older guys, but also an honor to be like one of them who went to the NFL."

Davis has been working out in Washington state, flying across the country for private sessions with Pittsburgh, Minnesota and Atlanta. He's enjoyed it, but there's definitely some fatigue setting in. In many ways, Davis said he's glad he'll know his future after this weekend.

Projected as a mid- to late round pick, Davis said he spent a lot of time talking to Robert Turbin and Bobby Wagner - the trio took the same flight from Utah to Seattle together - about what he could expect.

"A lot of the advice has been just pace yourself and don't go overboard," he said. "It's a much longer season, so don't try to do too much or you might hit that rookie wall early."

The gregarious Aggie cornerback said he's made a lot of friends during the process, but maybe none closer than Desmond Trufant, the Washington corner who is projected as a potential first-round pick. Both Washington natives, the two have pressed each other in workouts.

"That's my boy there," Davis said. "We've done a lot of footwork together, done a lot of lifting together. It's not really competitive. It's more like we know we're going to the same place, and we're just trying to make sure we go as high as possible. We support each other."

With only a few years of football under his belt, Davis is widely considered a more raw prospect than other cornerbacks up for the draft. But looking around the league, he said, the need for cornerbacks is high. He's confident he'll be drafted.

When the moment comes, Davis said, he'll be in Spokane with his family, including aunts, uncles and cousins he hasn't seen in years. They'll be there to celebrate the next step.

"I'm excited, but definitely nervous," he said. "It's a life-changing experience. You can't get your old life back. Everything is forever changed."

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