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"Time moves on. Those who move with it will remain relevant, those who try to hold it back will only find themselves forgotten and alone."

— RanchHand

commenting on the April 29 Tribune editorial, "For boys only: Scouts cling to a discredited past," which criticized the Boy Scouts of America for continuing their ban on gay scoutmasters.

"If they are doing things according to the law, they should have nothing to worry about, even with a hundred extremists filming from the sidewalk."

— rabid_squirrel

commenting on the April 29 article, "Woman facing misdemeanor for video recording Utah slaughterhouse"

"Shine a little light and watch the cockroaches scatter."


commenting on the April 30 article, "Utah prosecutor dismisses suddenly high-profile 'ag gag' case"

"KSL deciding to pull content that it finds to be objectionable is why I, as a consumer, choose to get more and more of my TV from online sources. Legal sources, of course."

— Hunter Red

commenting on the April 29 article, "KSL yanks violent 'Hannibal' off its schedule"

"Some will debate whether the '50s were better than the '60s. Some will debate whether an Imperial Star Destroyer would kick the USS Enterprise in the warp nacelles. There are many such pressing debates for our time. I am glad Cal Thomas is up for the fight."

— SuperEllipsoid

commenting on the April 30 Cal Thomas column, "Back to the '50s"

"Our legislators worship at the altar of the Second Amendment, while treating the First Amendment as their personal urinal."

— slpa1

commenting on the May 1 Tribune editorial, "An ag-gag backfire: Meat-packing mayor earns scrutiny"

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