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The author of "Signs of the times" (Forum, May 12) wrote with all good intentions and compassion for people who hold cardboard signs on the corners of streets around town.

The problems is, many of these people make more money in one day that you or I who work for a living make in a week. I have talked to some people who have bragged to me that they make between $300 and $400 a day! If you do the math, that's around $2,000 a week — tax free!

The messages on the pieces of cardboard are designed to attract your sympathy and, most of all, your dollars: "Hungry" (there are places to get a free meal); "Got laid off. 4 Children at home."

Don't be duped! Most of these people have found out that it is much easier to lie about their circumstances than it is to have a job and make a living by going to work each day, as most of us have to do.

Wayne Livingston

Salt Lake City

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