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It's difficult to understand why many Republicans and others are against the Common Core State Standards for public education. They were developed by state educators, not the federal government, to enable students in K-12 public schools to meet a standard level throughout the United Sates.

A core standard does not mean classes cannot exceed that standard, but that certain basics must be achieved, using that class's chosen curriculum. Testing can determine whether students meet that level and whether special tutoring could help.

Standards that apply to all schools nationwide help students in families who move to another state or district.

If implementing the standards costs more, the Legislature should make more funding available for that purpose instead of spending money for other programs, such as computers for kindergarten.

Where else could the money come from? Why not raise the severance tax on oil, gas and minerals to at least match that of surrounding states? No wonder so many oil and gas people want to drill in Utah! And Utah coal companies don't even pay a severance tax .

Anne Zeigler

Cottonwood Heights

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