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When I read that funds have been "allocated to pave and stripe the boulevard that runs from 1300 East to Hogle Zoo," my attention was again called to the traffic problems around the zoo ("S.L. City Council discussed proposed bike lanes, changes for Sunnyside Avenue," Tribune, May 29).

In the narrow entrance to Emigration Canyon, we find overcrowding of large and small caged animals, cars, kids, teachers, parents, grandparents, strollers, cyclists, bikers, hikers, home and condo owners and the hordes headed to Ruth's Diner.

This is not the place for a zoo! Yet every year, money is allocated to expand the zoo and its growing blockage at the mouth of Emigration Canyon.

The danger and frustration of the limited space is exacerbated by families looking for a place to park and then trying to cross the road without being hit.

Stop funding this ongoing disaster and create a real zoo somewhere in the middle of our huge valley. Move Hogle Zoo to an open space conducive to expansion and beneficial to kids, families and the caged animals, especially the larger ones.

Rosemary A. Holt

Salt Lake City

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