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Tesoro Corp. is being hit with the largest fine of its type for violating Environmental Protection Agency rules in its gasoline refineries in four states (including Utah) — a whopping $1.1 million. Or as I like to put it, 0.000037 percent of revenue, or 0.2 percent of profits.

Perspective: The same fine to a median U.S. family income (revenue) of about $50,000 would be a killer $1.85.

Tesoro says it takes its responsibilities "seriously" — just not seriously enough to do what is required.

But why should it, if the fine is less than the cost of implementing the standards? I'm speculating, but a $1.1 million fine is barely a blip on the radar of a $30 billion company. It's all in the perspective.

Steve Wynn

Salt Lake City

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