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My main issues with Rep. Chris Stewart, R-Utah, during the 2012 campaign related to energy, sustainability and the economy. Since then, I have hoped he might become more reasonable and educated. But it appears he has not outgrown, evolved or learned anything beyond the ideologies he mouthed during the campaign.

For example, Stewart just said that he doesn't want immigrants who get "legal status" to ever be allowed to become U.S. citizens with the right to vote ("Immigration: Stewart opposes any path to citizenship," Tribune, June 14).

Utah's demographics are changing, and the Republican Party keeps getting more and more estranged from Hispanics and immigrants, so it's no surprise that Stewart doesn't want them to vote. Before the 13th Amendment that freed the slaves and the 1965 Voting Rights Act, we had different words to describe such ideas.

It's pretty clear now that Stewart is unlikely to evolve beyond his ideologically rigid foundations and perspectives.

November 2014 is approaching rapidly. It's time to begin plans to vote him out of office. Adios, Chris.

Joe Andrade

Salt Lake City

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