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All you need to know about Kevin Hart before walking into his concert movie, "Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain," is that he's quite profane, rather insightful and very funny.

Shot in front of 30,000 spectators at a show in Madison Square Garden, the film captures Hart's high-energy routine. Much of it is about his marriage (which ended in divorce), infidelity, the ways women talk to men, and the "guy code" and what happens when it's not observed. His sharp commentary and manic delivery generate lots of laughs, culminating in a hilarious account of a disastrous horseback-riding trip.

Director Leslie Small spends too much of the prologue, a sketch in which Hart confronts critics and haters at a pre-show party, with ego-boosting video of Hart's recent European tour. Wade through that to the pure comedy of Hart's stage act, and you've struck gold.


'Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain'

Opens Wednesday, July 3, at area theaters; rated R for pervasive language including sexual references; 75 minutes.

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