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This recent letter to the Tribune's Public Forum:

— Why was I ticketed? — Ellen GibsonWhy is this supposedly bike-friendly city is giving citations to bicycle commuters? I was given a citation as I was riding my bicycle home on Wasatch Drive during my daily commute. I had slowed down for a four-way stop, put my hands on my brakes, unclipped one shoe and shifted into an easier gear. I then looked both ways, saw there was no traffic, and so continued through the intersection. But, hidden behind a bush, was a motorcycle policeman who saw that I had not put my foot down and, for the sake of public safety, I think, sounded his siren, pulled me over and gave me a $40 citation.Doesn't the city have more important issues to address than giving a citation to a 62-year-old woman going slowly on a bike through an empty intersection? Mayor Ralph Becker's push to make Salt Lake City a more bicycle-friendly community has failed miserably.

Was followed by this article:

— SLC to cyclists: We will ticket you for road violations — Christopher Smart | The Salt Lake TribuneBicycle riders must follow the same rules as automobiles.

And this Public Forum reply:

— Fairly ticketed — Kevin GreerRe Ellen Gibson's letter of July 9 ("Why was I ticketed?," Forum): The answer is obvious. She did not stop for the stop sign. ...

Bicyclists on roads are a frequent topic of debate in The Public Forum. Viz:

— Road hoggers — Sarah CollinsBicyclists think they own the road. There may have been a time when bicycles and cars could share the road equally, but we live in a time when cars are the main mode of transportation and bicycles have their own designated area on the side of the road that is wide enough for cyclists to safely ride single file. But for many cyclists that is not enough.From my experiences while driving on Saturday mornings, a popular day for bicycling, cyclists feel the need to be kings of the road. ...

— Motorists and cyclists — Stan RosenzweigAs a motorist, I have often agreed with Sarah Collins' point ("Road Hoggers," Forum, July 2) that cyclists should stay single file and in their own bicycle lane and not straddle the white line, so annoying to motorists. Then, about two years ago, I was persuaded to pursue the health benefits of biking and learned what it is like from the other side of the debate. ...


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— A license to speed for Colorado legislators? — Denver Post EditorialState lawmakers shouldn't get a pass on photo radar tickets just because they have special plates. And why do they have special plates, anyway?

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