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Green River Fishing Report for July 30th, 2013 from Ryan Kelly of Green River Fly Fisher Flows: Around 1000 during the day and 1600 in the evenings.Hatches: Sparse yellow sallies, few PMD's, few caddis.After two months of hatches and high pressure on the fish they are becoming disenchanted with the notion of rising to a fly, artificial or real. While the possibility is still there, it has become significantly more difficult in the past week. Subsurface fishing is still producing a sufficient amount of action to catch fish in decent numbers. The average size of the fish being caught has decreased as well. As the summer hatches finish up the fish will turn to the occasional small terrestrials and scuds. There are a number of natural fingerlings and fry (which have lost their egg sack, but their eyes make up the bulk of their head) in the water as well. While streamer fishing seems the natural imitation in this situation I have found that dead drifting these imitations is more effective at this time of year. Using a woolly bugger trailed with a scud is a great rig at this time of year. Another fun rig is to skitter caddis in the evenings. Even if there aren't a lot of caddis present this techniquie can entice fish to come up. It's also important to note that the water is warm and the fish have moved into deeper or more oxygenated areas. Also, with warm temperatures it is important to get fish returned to the water in a timely manner. When taking pics make sure to keep the fish in the water until the last second.

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