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I was born and raised in Utah. I love Utah, and it's truly one of the most amazing places. However, recently I've been reading about how it's becoming more difficult for restaurants to receive liquor licenses and how restaurants are being shut down for serving alcohol before food, and all I can think is "Grow up Utah!"

There is such a thing as being too sheltered. To this day (and I'm 20) I find it strange when I go to grocery stores in other states and they have entire aisles with beer and wine. I know people's moral views come into play in situations like this, but it's time Utah at least tried to fit in with other states.

Utah attracts people from all over the world for the skiing, mountain biking, national parks and mountains. And those people would like a glass of wine with dinner. Alcohol is one of the main ways restaurants make money, so being able to serve it a little more freely will put a tremendous amount of money in Utah's economy. So please next time you want to criticize a place or person for serving/drinking alcohol, remember Utah's the strange one, not them.

Angela Jones


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