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Most degrees require 130 semester hours to complete. In order to complete a degree in four years, one must take more than 16 hours per semester. Twelve hours will not cut it. Nor will 15 hours per semester.

At 12 hours per semester, a person would need to attend school for five and a half years. That is a lot of rent and food, without the benefit of a college degree level job.

With respect to being prepared for college, our public education system in Utah is well suited to meet this goal. After 12 years of public education, a person should and can be prepared for college. If one does the assignments and takes the offered classes in science, math, social studies and language arts, one will be well-prepared for college. If one does not do these things, one will not be prepared.

Finally, it is possible to work a job and take a full load of classes. There are enough hours in the week for work, classes, study in the library and sleep. There won't be many hours left over, but there are enough.

Richard C. Evans


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