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I guess it's to be expected that attorneys Bret Rawson and Lindsay Jarvis would do their utmost to slime the district attorney who is tasked with investigating, possibly prosecuting, the two police officers who shot an unarmed young woman.

Thankfully, Sim Gill has an outstanding record in his relationship with law enforcement that speaks for itself, and his arguments for his role in this matter ring true.

An unarmed young woman was suddenly surrounded by two males in street clothes, pointing guns and yelling at her. Was it at all possible to predict that she might try to drive her way out of this? Should these two clowns have anticipated that possibility and stayed out of the way of any path that car might take? Instead, we have a dead young woman, who panicked, and was trying to drive her way out of a scary situation.

Just speaking for myself, I wouldn't have lost any sleep if a substance abuser with a small stash got away and had to be arrested at a later date. I don't see any lives in danger here. Except hers.

Jan Borgesen


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