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Six men have been charged in connection with a gang-related homicide July 27 in West Valley City after the accused shooter allegedly cooperated with police.

In charging documents filed Monday, police wrote that Armando Jose Majano, 19, admitted to shooting Anthony Hernandez, 18. Majano plotted Hernandez's murder with Jose Carlos Salazar, Alejandro Argumendo, Ricardo Antonio Padilla, Diego Monfeda and Juan Eduardo Cruz, police wrote.

The group drove in two vehicles to Hernandez's home near 3100 South and 4300 West, where Salazar saw Hernandez outside and pointed him out to Majano, police wrote. Hernandez approached the vehicles, and Majano shot Hernandez four times, police wrote. The group fled to Padilla's home, police wrote. Padilla allegedly promised to dispose of the gun, which hasn't been found.

Majano was charged Friday with first-degree felony murder and third-degree felony discharge of a firearm. He told investigators that Argumendo drove the vehicle that he was in, police wrote.

Police wrote that the other five men gave false information and withheld information. They were charged Wednesday, some of them with more and higher-degree felonies than Majano faces.

Argumendo, 21, and Padilla, 26, were charged with murder, discharge of a firearm and obstructing justice, all first-degree felonies.

Salazar, 19, faces the same three charges as well as second-degree felony possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person.

Monfeda, 20, and Cruz, 19, were charged with first-degree felony obstructing justice.

Erin Alberty

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