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The Ogden Police Department is asking city residents to rate their performance.

The online Citizen Satisfaction Survey is available in English and also in Spanish.

The survey's 20 questions range from "How safe do you feel when walking alone in your neighborhood after dark?" to "In the past year, would you say the overall quality of community living in your neighborhood has increased, decreased or stayed about the same?" and "Overall, how satisfied are you with the Ogden Police Department?"

In a statement Friday, Ogden Deputy Director of Support Services John Harvey said that the citizen responses would be "vital in helping us determine needed areas of concentration."

"We want to ensure that we are not only meeting our citizens' needs, but exceeding expectations in providing effective and professional law enforcement services in our thriving community," Harvey said.

Law enforcement officers fell out of favor with some residents after a January 2012 drug raid of Matthew Stewart's Ogden home ended in a shootout that left one officer dead and five others wounded. This May, Stewart hanged himself in the Weber County Jail while awaiting trial for murder.

Several residents complained to the Ogden City Council in January that police officers and members of the Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force were overly aggressive as they served night-time warrants for nonviolent crimes. Eric Hill said his family was traumatized when Ogden officers handcuffed him and drew their guns before realizing they had the wrong house.

The online answers will remain anonymous unless respondents self-identify in the survey's "optional information" section, the city's statement said. —

Citizen satisfaction

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