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Bonneville • Douglas Dibb. No. 15, 155 yards, 6-iron. With Roger Seegmiller, John Simmons.

Bonneville • Alex Cutler. No. 9, 158 yards, pitching wedge. With Mike Barney, Chuck Lignell, Michael Parrazzo.

Bonneville • Andy Schoenberg. No. 6, 148 yards, 5 wood. With Larry Long.

Four Lakes • Jeff Davis. No. 3, 190 yards, hybrid-4. With Troy Mitchell.

Four Lakes • Chad Johnson. No. 12, 190 yards, 5-iron. With Josh Sandberg.

Four Lakes • Brian Ely. No. 17, 139 yards. With pitching wedge. With Kevin Kluesner and Niu Sapani.

Riverbend • Gaynard Griffiths. No. 17, 98 yards, pitching wedge. With Scott Griffiths, Stan Harvey.

Rose Park • Brenda Koga. No. 11, 150 yards, 7-iron. With Tammy Nakamira, Elise Mori and Betty Kubota.

Rose Park • Wayne Montgomery. No. 1, 145, 9-iron. With Jody Montgomery, Brad Duncan and Tanya Duncan.

Rose Park • David Wakefield. No. 1, 138 yards, 8-iron. With Travis Estes.

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