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As I start high school I look around me. Everyone is taking tests, not only for school but things like driver licenses and permits. I also realize that these are not just given to us. To drive, we have to take a class, log driving hours, and ultimately pass a written exam and driving test.

However, for students who might choose to become parents, there isn't any sort of exam or way to show competency before having a child.

I have overheard parents say that if they had known what a challenge parenting was going to be, they might have thought twice. I have also heard parents telling each other that there sure isn't a manual for raising kids.

As I have thought about these statements, I've wondered why students aren't required to take parenting classes in high school. Most high schools now require financial literacy classes, but none requires parenting classes.

Typically, these types of classes are electives chosen only by girls. I think it's important for both boys and girls to learn about parenting prior to parenthood.

Katelyn Brimhall

Salt Lake City

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