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Top Stories: At Relief Society, Mormon women urged to keep promises • A shorter than usual General Relief Society Meeting focused on asking Mormon women to keep their promises to God and to the church. Speakers included Relief Society General President Linda Burton, First Counselor Carole Stephens, Second Counselor Linda Reeves and church president Thomas Monson.

Utah congressmen dig in as government shutdown likely • A shutdown of the federal government is likely to come Tuesday in the culmination of an effort by Sen. Mike Lee to stop funding of the Affordable Care Act. The House prepared for the shutdown by passing a bill designed to pay active duty soldiers in the event of a shutdown. All four Utah representatives voted for the measure, including Democrat Jim Matheson.

Erin Brockovich fires up Utah medical-waste incinerator foes • Families and residents fighting agains a medical incinerator they say is polluting North Salt Lake were addressed by veteran activist Erin Brockovich Saturday. She called for the incinerator's closure and said that the seed of activism is deception, "a company that from its inception is not doing the right thing and is not keeping its promise to be a good neighbor."

Editor column: A change in leadership, a commitment to future priorities • With the impending departure of the Tribune's Nancy Conway, soon-to-be editor and publisher Terry Orme lays out the paper's future in both the digital and print worlds.

Salt Lake City theater renovation sends dance, opera companies packing • In an attempt to create the "right-size venue for the right-size work," Utah's Capitol Theatre is being renovated. That has left the Utah opera and Ballet West as nomads, rehearsing in the Salt palace while construction continues.

Friends and family remember Utah woman's 'joy for life' • Friends and family of Uta von Schwedler, gathered Saturday to recall and celebrate Uta as a friend, a scientist and a mother. This week, her ex-husband, John Brickman Wall, accused of murdering her, goes to trial.

SITLA puts some Books Cliffs lease areas on hold • Development of certain areas in the Book Cliffs region will be delayed for several years in an agreemendt between the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration and the Anadarko Petroleum Corporation. The deal was supported by sportsmen who favor hunting in the area, and Gov. Gary Herbert and Rep. Rob Bishop, who say it will give them more time to look at other options.

Sick of Utah women, dad is overseas dating poster boy • This airplane mechanic may not be satisfied with the dating scene in Utah, but through his efforts to find a wife on, he has become a sort of model for success in international dating.

Impartiality of Swallow's potential prosecutors questioned • Due to past conflicts and past political support, the impartiality of Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings and Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill is being questioned by embattled Attorney General John Swallow's lawyers. Gill and Rawlins have been working with the FBI throughout a probe into the AG's office and conduct and could be potential prosecutors if Swallow is charged.

Huntsman says shutdown will hurt GOP • Though former Utah governor Jon Huntsman says there will likely be a government shurtdown on Tuesday, he says it will be short, at roughly a day. During an appearance on "Meet the Press" Sunday, Huntsman said that "[r]epublicans know this is a loser for them."

Pit bulls' euthanasia rate declines under Salt Lake County program • Officials say that a program which offers free training for people who adopt pit bulls has increased the survival rate of the breed from close to half to over 80 percent. They blame the bad reputation of these dogs on the misuse of their otherwise admirable qualities, strength and loyalty.

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