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"I wonder if Pat voted for Mike Lee. If so, no sympathy whatsoever from me. Own it, Pat. If not, I'll bet your neighbors did."

— r_dale

commenting on the Oct. 10 op-ed from Springdale Mayor Pat Cluff, "Shutdown hurts Utah towns, nation's image"

"Mike Lee is far too stupid to realize the consequences of his actions."

— ChrisHorner15

commenting on the Oct. 9 Ann Cannon column, "An open letter to Utah Sen. Mike Lee"

"Not 'stupid.' Bought and paid for. He's simply doing the bidding of those who give him money."

— tck62

commenting on the above comment

"Mike. Carry on! You are a true Patriot and an actual Constitutional Scholar."

— Winston7ok

commenting on the above comment

"As long as the politicians are planning on spending my tax dollars to move a perfectly good jail in order to 'develop' the land and create even more water-guzzling, air polluting activities, I see no reason for me to cut down on my family's emissions or water usage."

— constitutionist

commenting on the Oct. 8 Tribune editorial "Clearing the air"

"So, to all of you against this. What alternative do you all propose? Let people die in the street? Including the children who never asked to be born?"

— hankt27

commenting on the Oct. 10 article, "Utah family gets coverage for $123 a month on new health exchange"

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