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Why is Gov. Gary Herbert crying to President Obama?

Why isn't he addressing his concerns about the closure of Utah's national parks to Rob Bishop, Jason Chaffetz, Jim Matheson and Chris Stewart? They, along with other members of the House of Representatives are in a position to vote a clean bill and send it to the Senate for immediate ratification.

All states with national parks are suffering, not just Utah. And, it is not just national parks that have been closed down. Surely the governor doesn't feel Utah is suffering more than any of the other states.

If there is (ever) enough public support for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, then let that be enacted in Congress. Refusing to fund a law for personal reasons has no place in a our society. Supporting any specific point of view over the well-being of the nation is not only small-minded and petty, it is selfish and dangerous.

Margo Markowski

Salt Lake City

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