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He voted "no" on the bill to end the government shutdown, and I just received this from Chris Stewart, my representative:

"To prevent this in the future, I introduced the PARC Act (Provide Access and Retain Continuity Act). This act would ensure that in the event of a future government shutdown, an agreement is in place to allow states to quickly continue funding and operating federal facilities and programs that are vital to their economies. There is no reason that hardworking American families and communities should be punished due to circumstances over which they have no control."

Stewart should be focusing on getting a balanced budget together instead of planning the next shutdown. This is a disgrace, and we need to make sure those who shut down the government never get elected again.

If you don't like the law of the land you work to change it through the democratic process. That is how the Founding Fathers envisioned governing when the Constitution was written.

Brian Boudreau

Salt Lake City

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