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There have been several reasons given by the GOP about why they so fervently oppose the Affordable Care Act, including "It destroys jobs," "It's bad for the country," I don't like it," Wow, lots of substance. If they say it enough, people believe it.

Perhaps the following are the real reasons:

1. If the ACA is successful, President Obama gets full credit, something the GOP has fought to prevent.

2. If the ACA fails, the GOP can blame President Obama, thereby taking the heat off the party despite the fact much of the ACA is GOP authored.

3. If the ACA is successful (it will be), the GOP will be less likely to fulfill its ongoing goal of dismantling Medicare as we know it.

So, for us seniors who appreciate the benefits of Medicare, let's keep the lamp of hope on for the success of the Affordable Care Act.

Sonny Jckowski

West Jordan

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