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I want to thank the Tribune for its customer service. I recently called to put my delivery on hold for a few days, and the person who assisted me was good. My only concern is that the MediaOne customer service is located in Honduras, not Utah. Shame on MediaOne for outsourcing jobs.

What concerns me more is that the Tribune does not have control of its assets, from printing operations, to distribution and classifieds ("Tribune sells interest in printing plant to rival," Tribune, Oct. 21). The only thing that the Deseret News does not control yet is the newsroom and editorial, but those are at risk.

I wish a local owner would rescue the Tribune to keep it independent and strong.

I value the courage of Joan O'Brien along with former Tribune staff in their attempt to block the new business agreement between the Tribune and Deseret News ("Former employees oppose new deal between Tribune, Deseret News," Tribune, Oct. 30). I hope the Department of Justice will review the case and stop the agreement because it will undermine the independence of journalism and the unique marketplace of ideas in Utah. For the welfare of democracy, we need an independent and strong Salt Lake Tribune.

Teresa Sanchez Howes

Salt Lake City

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