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— Everybody into the (insurance) pool — George Pyle | the Salt Lake Tribune

"... Choosing to go without insurance, or insisting on the right to keep the kind of junk policies that President Obama was so harshly criticized for cancelling, is highly irresponsible, both as an individual and as a citizen. ..."

Utah should expand Medicaid for a lot of reasons — David Entwistle | For The Salt Lake Tribune

"... Whether it's economics or simply considering the well being of so many people in our communities, embracing Medicaid expansion is an option that will benefit our state for years to come."

"... Utah would stand to lose $719 million from the feds if the state chooses to not expand Medicare. ... Utah's Medicaid share in 2022 would be $88 million. The state currently spends about 3-times that amount ($256 million) to lure private businesses to the state."

What's your health care solution, Wyo. leaders? — Casper Star-Tribune Editorial

"Gov. Matt Mead again said no to accepting the Medicaid expansion available from the federal government in his Nov. 29 budget message. And again we say, "Fine, but what's your solution? ..."

Medicaid Expansion the Conservative Thing to Do — Twin Falls (Idaho) Times News Editorial

"Conservatives squirm when they hear "welfare." But by actually expanding Medicaid, conservative state lawmakers would prove their policy actually squares with their rhetoric. ..."

Is your state government killing you? — Dennis D. Embry | For The Arizona Daily Star

"... Where might be a good place to live? Not Mississippi; it's dead last in lifespan. About 37 percent of Mississippians do not have health insurance.

"Want to live a longer life? Move to such states as Hawaii, Minnesota, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont — places that typically have only about 5 to 10 percent uninsured, before the Affordable Care Act. ..."

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