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There may be no more horrifying moment than the plop of your expensive smartphone as it falls into the toilet bowl.

But face it, it's happened either to yourself or at least someone you know. In Utah, mishaps involving iPhones apparently happen a lot.

SquareTrade, which provides protection plans for electronic devices, released its annual Clumsiest States Index and found that Utah is the fifth clumsiest when it comes to iPhone accidents and damage.

The index is based on the number of claims filed by state between Oct. 1, 2012 and Sept. 30, 2013.

The worst state is Washington D.C., followed by Florida, Georgia, New Jersey and then Utah. Last year, the clumsiest state with iPhones was Mississippi, according to SquareTrade.

To cover the unthinkable, companies such as SquareTrade and Asurion as well as retailers like Walmart and Best Buy provide long-term warranties that protect mobile devices. Apple also has its own $99 AppleCare that extends a normal product warranty to three years and can include coverage for a cracked screen or water damage.

To replace a cracked screen, repair shops as well as local technicians who advertise in the classified ads can replace the screen for around $40 to $50. But it's best to check the comments online to see if they do reputable work.

The more tech savvy also can take a crack at replacing the screen themselves. Kits containing the tools and replacement screens are sold through online retailers such as for up to $50, depending on the iPhone model. How-to videos are available on YouTube.

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