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Weber County Fire Marshal Brandon Thueson said smoke detectors, alert residents and quick-acting fire crews kept an early Friday morning blaze in Farr West from being a disaster.

Homeowners and holiday guests were sound asleep when the smoke detectors went off. They quickly evacuated the residence at 2023 W. 1300 North and called 911.

Weber Fire District, North View Fire District and Ogden City Fire Department crews rushed to the scene about 5 a.m., located the fire inside the attached garage and quickly doused the flames.

The fire caused about $40,000 in damage, which included a totaled pickup truck. An electrical issue, either with the truck's engine block heater or the extension cord it was attached to, was believed to have caused the blaze.

"This really was a case where everything went right," Thueson said. "The home's smoke detectors did their job, and the occupants evacuated. Nobody was hurt, and the fire was contained to the garage."

The family and guests will be able to stay in the home, since the damage was contained to the garage.

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