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The Tribune has published yet another letter from Frances ReMillard, a local apologist for Palestinians, in which she castigates KUED for airing a documentary describing Israel as "the only democracy in the Middle East" ("In Israel, only Jews have rights as citizens," Forum, Dec. 21). She is hurting for the Arab Israelis, as she believes they are not accepted as "citizens."

She has a string of assertions, almost all incorrect, about the status of Arab Israelis. In contrast to ReMillard's beliefs, Arab Israelis own their homes and businesses, organize political parties and vote. They can, and do, serve as members of the Knesset, and even on the Supreme Court.

ReMillard should better focus her sympathies on the plight of the Arab citizens of Israel's neighbors. Are there any Arabs in those countries enjoying anything like the democratic, religious and economic freedom that is offered them in Israel?

John Worlock

Salt Lake City

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